January 4, 2001
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The article isn't *nearly* as funny as the headline "Anna Nicole Smith Resents Jokes". (Sorry for the Salon, but it was buried and many probably missed it.)
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Er, I think this is the link you're looking for.
posted by jjg at 1:52 PM on January 4, 2001

Was it, perhaps, that the front-page headline about Her Top-heaviness was linked to the Gore article?
posted by dhartung at 3:23 PM on January 4, 2001

"A hand injury, suffered while exercising..."

Oh, the jokes are *endless*.

Howard Stern is her attorney?

Why doesn't it surprise me that he has a law degree he wasn't telling us about. Wonder what his wife thinks...
posted by baylink at 12:43 PM on January 5, 2001

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