Bug-eyed beauties
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Meet punk, Don, Kawaii, Satan's Little Helper, and the incredibly colorful cast of characters that populate photographer Igor Siwanowicz's world. (via Mira y Calla)
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It's an ugly planet.....a bug planet.
posted by quite unimportant at 11:40 PM on April 4, 2006

These are incredible - I particularly liked this one. Wonderful detail on its compound eyes, plus it (like all of them) has a real sense of character about it.
posted by greycap at 11:41 PM on April 4, 2006

It's hard not to anthropomorphize these insects.

"I swear to god, it was THIS big!"
posted by Citizen Premier at 12:18 AM on April 5, 2006

Wow. those are great snaps. I like the portrait style aapproach to these photographs, though of course Mantids are incredibly photogenic. I think this guy should take photos of Jumping spiders next.
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and Mira y Calla is a great blog. Thanks MJJ.
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These are terrific shots, but I still think my favorite bug shot is this flickr tough guy, who looks like a "Bowery Boys" extra.
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I came across this myself the other day and promptly bookmarked it. I take a lot of buggy/froggy photos myself (I's partial to dragonflies, they come in such wild color schemes), but these are super.
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Thanks, MJJ. I'm no photographer or entomologist, but these really are amazing. The detail and clarity, along with the portrait-style framing, pretty much forces you to project personality onto the bugs. Don made me laugh out loud-- Wonderland's Caterpillar by way of Marlon Brando. This one is pretty clearly a Duke of Hell, and I couldn't even believe this shot-- it looks like a chess game to decide the fate of a planet.
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These all made me itch terribly...
I need a shower.
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I'm partial to slim!
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If only they were made out of marzipan.
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This one looks quietly amused.
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I saw a video a few months ago of a guy who pits small rodents against his mantis in a caged death match. It took several hours, but the mantis killed the mouse. I remember him saying something like "he's 12-0". Pretty gruesome to watch.
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Incredibly beautiful portraits. A+ and a gold star for you, MJJ.
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Ditto. Thanks MJJ.
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Great shots. Great personalities, projected or not. Thanks again, mjjj!
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These are awesome. I fear that Don is quietly plotting revenge.
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Damn. I'm going to go put my camera in a drawer and not take it out for a while. This guy's good.
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- You broke the internets - -
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