Dubbing the Simpsons
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Dubbing the Simpsons Should The Simpsons in French be egalitarian or classist? Depends on whether you use Quebec or national French, apparently. (Second article.)
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Joe, do you know Al (the author of the first article)?
posted by mikel at 8:17 PM on January 4, 2001

Which version of Quebecois? It sure sounds different in Chicoutimi than it does in Montreal.
posted by kristin at 8:30 PM on January 4, 2001

The second article mentions the occasional use of joual, but otherwise it's just referred to as Quebecois. I would imagine the translation uses Montreal-style, since that's where the translators and voice-actors are, but that's just a guess.

posted by cCranium at 5:41 AM on January 5, 2001

I've seen it, and it's hard to say for sure - it's a very broad joual, for sure, very nasal and clipped. I've never heard anything quite like it, whether in Temiskaming, Chicoutimi, Gatineau or here in Montreal.

Both articles miss the fact that portraying the "France-French" accent for some characters but not others isn't necessarily self-loathing or classist - many if not most people in Quebec don't think of Parisien French as better, really, just different - and that the French are insufferable about the whole issue. Making the distinction might be just as much taking the piss out of people who think it's important or indicative of general braininess or whatever.

French people in Quebec have a very love-hate relationship with France. They're not awed or cowed by it though, that's for sure. And many, many french Quebeckers prefer London to Paris - even devout separatists like Bernard Landry or Jacques Parizeau are big time Anglophiles (anglo as in England, not English).
posted by mikel at 8:26 AM on January 5, 2001

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