Anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
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Alan Waddell intends to walk every street in every suburb in Sydney. He has completed 192 suburbs so far. He is 91.
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Thanks, tellurian! This makes for a surprisingly interesting little travelogue that gives an intimate portrait of the Sydney area - and good for him!
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Interesing link! My home town of Kongsberg, Norway, has done the work for me, with the street's history, a picture and a map link for most streets in town.
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My suburb (Marsfield) is so boring that this guy hasn't even bothered to come here.
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At that age his walking technique might match his name.
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how did he hit on this idea though? I guess he just had a hunch.
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What a great site! Thanks, tellurian.

I love the secrets & surprises.

dhruva in Sydney? For some reason, I assumed Amrika...
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Thanks Tellurian - that's timely, I might try and track him down for an interview on a project I'm about (hopefully) to start. (He's actually pictured outside my Aunt-in-law's house in Llandaff St).

And for anyone who's interested in an anecdotal, visceral, street by street Sydney read, I understand Leviathan is worth a look.
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An impressive story to be sure, but even more so because he has the same last name as me! Woohoo! :)
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Awesome, I just got back from a trip to Sydney. My parents live in a suburb (one Waddell has yet to visit) so I'll be sending this link on to them.
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'Legend has it that the name of the house (Emma Chisett) is a strine variant of the request: "How much is it?"'
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Emma Chisett: that interpretation would not be too much of a surprise. There is a bit of a tradition of naming houses in Australia, with the name engraved on a brass or mirrored plate by the front door. One reasonably common approach is some kind of jokey or punny name. "Emoh Ruo" ("our home" backwards, yeh?) is one that springs to mind. If I keep my eyes open on the way to the shops & back I am sure I can provide some others.
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Let Stalk Strine!

As compiled by that well known linguist Afferbeck Lauder.
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Is a Map company sponsoring the walk ?
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