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Incredible Machine 01 - clever Japanese Rube Goldberg type devices in action. Film clip, annoying soundtrack alert. (via digg)
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- eeek - wrong link posted, damn - here is the - duh.
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Very Cool.
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Some are ingenious, especially the one with the multiple balls.

Here's Incredible Machine 02.
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Wow. Some of those are not only diabolically ingenious and incredibly accurate, but improbable and even unlikely. I wish youtube's video streams were better quality, it's hard to tell what's going on in some of the faster actions.
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So what does "pitagorasuicchi" mean? Incredible machine, I'm guessing, perhaps?
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Since it's katakana, I'm thinking it's loan words. The best I can come up with is something having to do with Pythagoras. Which makes some kind of sense.
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It's the name of a children's television program here in Japan. No telling what it's actually supposed to mean though. Here's the show's homepage.
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The kids at Keio certainly have a lot of free time...

heh, Gilgamesh Night ... Pythagora Switch ... I see a pattern here...

Wikipedia.ja has an article on this ... it's an NHK science show oriented towards kids.
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I was in Tokyo in recently and I saw a show on TV which was based around (adult) competitors building contraptions like this. Some of them were wildly complex, taking 3-4 minutes to run their course. Any idea what the show was?
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Why does the first frame of the Incredible Machine 01 video says "LOL, jews"?
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Woah, it does look like it says "LOL, jews". WTF?
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Now that is how to post a video to the front page!
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Ooooo then it hits the little glasses and plays the song! Brilliant.

This is probably some sort of PBS inter-commercial break thing. For kids.

I wish someone had gotten me interested in this sort of thing when I was a kid.
*Insert comment about Japanese kids being generally brighter than American kids*
*auto industry analogy*
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LOL, jews
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Oh, man, my 2-year-old son LOVES this segment. He'll go tearing into the living room when he hears the little "pi-ta-go-ra su-i-tchi" jingle. This is NOT one of the more complicated ones, let me tell you. The are built by university engineering students, as I recall from the credits. I've often thought about recording and posting one. Right after this is "algorithym calisthenics" which is a line of people doing a chain of staggered calitsthenics, each person starting one move after his neighbor, so that one guy is swinging his arms left just as the guy on his left is ducking down. Ah, now I see Donkeymon has posted the home page, you can see the algorithym taisoh guys on the bottom right.
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Does anyone else suspect that some of these required a lot of takes to get right? Some just seem too improbable, and that chaos would start taking a heavy toll. (I'm thinking especially of the one near the end where the ball rolls into a cone, which then spins and weaves unguided across the books)
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The one where the ball travells around the magnetic course is crazy.
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Great stuff, I loved it. But sadly yet another example of why this country is lapsing into a third world backwater. Our advanced Rube Goldberg funding is being slashed! It's insanity I tell you, INSANITY!!
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That was so freakin' awesome.
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some of these are brilliant.
I got excited watching a string of marbles go through some substance and accelerate upon exiting.
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Glad to see Pythagora Switch representin'.
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annoying soundtrack alert

I thought the soundtrack was right on the money!
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This is awesome. Anyone have a video clip of those algorithm calisthenics?
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No video clip of the calisthenics, but I have stick figure animation of the algoritm march for you (Click the words next to the little picture of the three guys, third choice down). The calistenics aren't as interesting as the algorithm march, because they're formed in pairs, instead of a long chain.
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If I had more patience, raw materials, and skill, I would totally make one of those.
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The bit where the marbles travelled between a couple of panes of (I'm guessing) glass, making them look like they were gliding through the air, that was awesome. And that bit where the ball was in a cup, and the whole thing glided back and forth over several books seemingly randomly? Also awesome. And the one where the magnets slowly rotated in series forcing their neighbour to follow their movement? Genius!

Broken-single-link-to-youtube posts really can the best of the web.

Oh, and I liked the soundtrack.
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The off-center hammers knocking the marble uphill left me giggling.
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