January 5, 2001
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Sunspots apparently are the cause of recent protests and riots around the world. And this person has, um, "evidence."
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Apparently, sunspots also cause deliria, confusion, and absurdity.
posted by mkn at 3:56 AM on January 5, 2001

I remember listening to Art Bell one night, befoure Art Bell went away, and there was a show on solar flares and how the guy claimed it was the end of the earth. Sure, I think, he's partially right, but he predicted doom within years. I loved every second of it, made the next day seem all that more exciting.
posted by tiaka at 5:49 AM on January 5, 2001

You can correlate anything with anything if you look hard enough for a pattern.
posted by dhartung at 9:30 AM on January 5, 2001

Correlation does not equal causation, from what I remember of statistics class, which isn't much since I was never paying attention.
posted by rorschach at 10:32 AM on January 5, 2001

Mmm. So you're saying that your attendance in class correlated with class being held, but that did not cause you to recall your statistics lessons.
posted by allaboutgeorge at 10:40 AM on January 5, 2001

Well, I attended the lectures so seldom....

My college credits in statistics can be attributed to loud music and caffeine, which, when taken together, made it possible for me to stay conscious while I did the homework and lab exercises.
posted by rorschach at 11:43 AM on January 5, 2001

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