For the well-tempered pianist
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An interactive Shockwave-based look at Bach's Well-tempered Clavier. Go one level up and explore the entire coverage of Bach.
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I linked to the Art of Fugue page couple of years back.
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Ah, I've nearly posted this before, but felt like I would be a doubling your earlier post. Here's another good WTC page, which has all the subjects, countersubject, and various forms they appear in; and a corresponding page for Shostakovich's 20th century homage to Bach, the 24 preludes and fugues of Op. 87. I am always awed by the variety and imagination in the Shostakovich set. And if you know Shostakovich only from his symphonies, the joy & playfulness in Op. 87 is stunning.

It is a fun and humbling challenge to try writing your own fugue on one of these subjects.
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Gyan: Thank you! I've been trying to understand the whole fugue thing for a while, but it seems every site either just has music files and says "listen to how this melody is counterposed by the contrapunct tetrad baritones within the diadic stanzas", or describes very well what is going on, but without any music and without any visual aids. Now I can see and hear what the hell they're talking about, and it finally makes some sense.
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Fantastic. Thanks, Gyan.
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Another aspect of fugues - esp for piano - is the challenge to the performer to shape the phrasing of each 'voice' in the fugue so it sounds like three separate sound sources. I think it's captivating and notoriously difficult to spread 3 different voices over 2 hands.

Well-tempered Clavier and Hanon's Virtuoso Pianist 4EVAR!
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Ditto "thanks." Good post.
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Thanks for this. Fascinating and rich in detail, albeit a bit bloodless. Where is the Donald Tovey of the Web?
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Listening to WTC right now as Monday morning unfolds. Thanks for the unexpected pleasure!
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This is amazing, and the worst thing for me to have seen before I was to leave the apartment. Merci Infiniment
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Many thanks! A really amazing site, I'll definitely be able to use this with my students, too.
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I didn't see this before I made my FPP!
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Bach's contribution to the literature is truly amazing. Even though there are other composers who are arguably better, it doesn't get much better than Bach if you're looking for Baroque. Good post!!
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Scores of metafilter-reading former piano students are shuddering now as they remember grueling hours spent trying to master the WTC (and hanon too, ao4047).
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