"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is."*
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MusicTheory.net - Posted in a comment here, I thought I'd give it an FPP considering it may have just saved my butt on an exam. MusicTheory.net is an excellent, step-by-step resource for students, amateurs, and aesthetes of all levels. The site is flash, but provides not only lessons but training sessions and other resources as well (including a staff paper generator).

For those who would like some other resources, ilearnmusic.com has lessons, including a section on Music Theory 101 (with a few nice links, as well). Dolmetsch online offers extensive information, including a section demystifying guitar tabs for those of us who don't play. And, of course, the wikipedia has a fairly extensive list of external links in their article, including several journals for those more advanced theorists out there. [*]
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I was *just* wishing for something exactly like this, and hadn't gotten around to looking yet. Thanks for saving me lots of searching and clicking, Eideteker!
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Don't forget Mr. Fastfinger.
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You're very welcome, Miko. I'm still looking for a site where I can plug in chords/notes and have it play through for me (so that I can hear examples from the class). Most of the flash-based keyboard doohickies online only allow one to three notes at a time to be played, not your standard four note chord construction. Not to derail; I was planning on asking MeFi/MeCha sometime this week anyway.

*psst*, you should post your album to Projects or something.
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If anyone has suggestions for websites appropriate to a grade 10 level (ie. one step below full-out professional) piano, I'd love to see them listed.
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When I completed my music studies, I really found a stall in sustaining my theory skills and application. This will definitely help--

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I could just kiss you for posting this.

My classmates in music theory will be thrilled with this, and I plan on passing it along.
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Hooray for music theory! Good stuff on that site (although I can think of a couple of professors who would take umbrage at some of the information).
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Oh, neat!
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Excellent FPP, Eideteker. You've been putting a lot of solid links up on the blue lately. I've been looking to get more into music theory ever since I started listening to the Second Viennese Circle after reading Dr. Faustus by Mann, and then struggling with Schoenberg's book. Anyone got a good website on twelve-tone and the successor systems?
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I've been using MusicTheory.net for quite a while now. I deeply wish I'd had access to it while I was coming up. Great post.
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Oops, I missed Gyan's excellent FPP!
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You know, I can do just fine on the triad/seventh chord ear trainer but it drives me nuts hearing them at random with no progression. I think a better trainer would focus on hearing them in logical progressions rather than in isolation; same as I think it's better to learn a foreign language in complete, useful sentences rather than individual words and word forms.
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