The Coolest Priest in the World
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Meet Becca Stevens, Episcopal priest, Tennessean of the year, Nashvillian of the year, author, podcaster and wife of an equally cool husband. In addition to tending her flock and raising a family, the Rev. Becca runs Magdalene House, a residential program for women overcoming lives of addiction and prostitution that has an 87% success rate. Women in the program work at Thistle Farms, making all natural lotions, balms and bath products that put Mary Kaye to shame.
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I've never had any inclination to move to Nashville before, but now I'm thinking it might be cool to be known as a Nashvillian.
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One of my friends is from Nashville; he's pretty cool.
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that has an 87% success rate

There isn't a drug treatment programme in the universe that has an 87% success rate -- unless they shift the parameters, by arguing that 87% of these women were abstinent from drugs during their period in the facility.

Not saying the woman isn't worthy, but if she stands behind this figure then she's either a liar or a fraud.

Or she has a sample size of 5.
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Sample size of 18, it looks like.
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87% success bothered me too. Other programs max out at about a 30% success rate. She started in 1997 with five who spent up to two years. . . and she has increased to 18 currently. Let's say she made a linear growth and two years is the common time. That would mean she would have thirteen with at least five years post-graduate experience and twenty two with at least three years. Among those the 87% success rate computes out to be two to three failures. Doesn't sound likely. Still, if you are going to be doing this, two years with gainful employment, role models among the staff, reconnecting with family (if they aren't the problem) is the way to go.
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Pretty cool. Nice post :)
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I was living in Nashville when Becca started the Magdalene House, and I am thrilled that it is doing so well. She also officiated at my friends' wedding... which was a pagan ceremony. She is absolutely the real deal... kind, compassionate, tolerant, accepting, and a true walker of the talk.
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it might be cool to be known as a Nashvillian

That is, a Nashvillain?
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