...had a farm, Eee Igh, Eee Igh, oh-my-god!
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Ever thought about setttling down on a quiet farm? Possibly one in rural Wisconsin? How about one with a little history? Just because eBay pulled the auction doesn't mean it's not for sale. Great for the eccentric collector, I'd think. And there's a perfect band to play at the housewarming party.
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No problem tula, good post. Especially the "Murder Auction" link is fascinating.
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Mother: You have the guts, boy?

Norman: Shut up! Shut up!
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So what was the pulled eBay auction for?
posted by Yer-Ol-Pal at 1:00 PM on April 12, 2006

A little more information about Gein's property from the now-invalidated eBay auction.

And the Murder Auction stuff is interesting. Creepy but interesting. Who buys this stuff?
posted by TimeFactor at 1:02 PM on April 12, 2006

The house was burned down by locals back in the 50s or 60s. If you read the purported listing from TimeFactor, you'll note it says "site of"... The only structure there is probably the hunting shack, which I suspect was constructed by the current owner.
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Along with the Kid-A cd's I use as drink coasters and the cinderblock bookshelves and my signed Rollins books, I could tear a hole in the irony-hipsterdom continuum, thereby transforming my living room into. . . only God knows what.
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It puts a nice post under its skin.
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Mod note: fixed post title
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Here's the link that I'd intended to provide with the title of this post. I happened upon this this morning on America's overvalued real estate blog as one more example of the real estate bubble.
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Interesting post. How creepy is it that a "hunting shack" is the only building on the property?

Also, do you think the "mysterious bidder" that bought Gein's car who faked his name as "the Koch brothers" knew there really are creepy Koch brothers?
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How much do they want for it?
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