Incredible Machines
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Incredible Machines: A guaranteed 12:54 distraction. (Google Video) Rube Goldberg should someday be a required course of college study.
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posted by poppo at 11:44 AM on April 12, 2006

Double comment calling out Double post.
posted by adnanbwp at 11:46 AM on April 12, 2006

I'm flagging all of us as 'offensive'
posted by poppo at 11:50 AM on April 12, 2006

What if double posts ceased to be a bad thing? Oh, what then?
posted by nthdegx at 11:51 AM on April 12, 2006

But this one had a wikipedia link! That adds value!
posted by ChasFile at 11:59 AM on April 12, 2006

That was wonderful to watch. I'd missed the first one.
The Double Police never sleep...
posted by bitmage at 12:00 PM on April 12, 2006

posted by thisisdrew at 12:01 PM on April 12, 2006

i am not the double police, but we did just see it a few days ago (no offense to is clear that one thing that mefi needs is some new search functionality outside 'use google or yahoo' motto. with so many ppl making doubles, it is clear that this is not enough)
posted by poppo at 12:05 PM on April 12, 2006

I read that as '12 to 54 ratio of distraction'. I was confused.
posted by CRM114 at 12:06 PM on April 12, 2006

'12 to 54 ratio of distraction'

I read this and thought that you're playing with the jockers in the deck.
posted by DragonBoy at 12:10 PM on April 12, 2006

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