Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed
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US TV newsrooms churn out PR companies' spin as real news. Hats off to those broadcasters who turned the spin around to reflect the real truthiness.
Meanwhile while I didn't find similar PR company manipulation in UK TV news, there's certainly an element of government, or more accurately MoD, faking that compares well with the US's.
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Local TV news is the absolute worst. I stopped watching it years ago.
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I got the original link from Broadcast Engineering but subsequently discovered it had earlier been reported by Huffington. Still worthy of a FPP methinks/methought.
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Well, it sounds like "turning the spin around" meant manipulating the PR content to say the opposite: taking quotes wildly out of context, making experts seem to support a position by juxtaposition..in short being just as dirty and deceptive as the original PR producers.

I'm not certain I like that much more. How about they just report actual news?
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This was on NPR last week some time, and I think that was a follow up story from maybe a year prior. The station manager that swore they didn't use them said "you got someone in trouble" when confronted with the evidence that the station had in fact used one word for word.
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So is the FCC going to issue fines like they did with Janet’s boob?
Or is it a load of rich, creamery butter. Mmmm...butter.

Stay tuned.
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It just made me chortle that the PR company's disception was met with more deception and thus earning them negative press -- good to see them getting a taste of, ahem, their own medicine.

But you're quite right of course. All this message manipulation sticks in my craw too.
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Man, that Smedleyman is insightful and funny!

/I’m not Smedleyman even though it says so right down there.
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The worst thing about it all was the identifying of the PR firm's "reporters" as the network's. "Now, Fox's Steve Johnson with health news you need!" and stuff like that.
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Although the echo chamber effect of the online media can be troubling, it is arguably less so than the alternative here, where truth belongs to the highest bidder.

When did journalistic objectivity die? Did it ever exist? Nowadays it seems like we only have the choice of deciding between equally plausible untruths, but maybe it was always so.
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Man, that Smedleyman is insightful and funny!

*cashes Smedleyman's check, looks around nervously*
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The worst thing about it all was the identifying of the PR firm's "reporters" as the network's

Indeed. Disappointingly I haven't noticed any stations airing the same story and claiming the same reporter -- that would be wonderful. A ballsy news station could always take the opportunity to dis' its competitors by running this story....
If you want to do something about it just fill out the form to send your complaint to the FCC. I'd do it myself but my apathy's pretty bad today...
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It's not directly related to VNRs, but the SF Weekly has a pretty interesting article this week about San Francisco's KRON TV and the struggles of its newsroom. Their latest innovation is cutting costs by using "one man band" reporters who report, shoot video, and edit stories (effectively replacing three-person teams with one-person teams). The background in that article seems to point to why TV news all seems to be so dire (hint: it's the money), and that direness in turn might explain why local stations do utterly lazy, ethically borderline things like running unedited VNRs as news.
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Man, that Smedleyman is insightful and funny!

/Not being paid. Just likes Smedleyman's pimpin' style.
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According to languagehat and quin, that Smedleyman is anything BUT funny.

*turns the spin around*
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4 out of 5 mefites recommend Smedleyman for insight and humor.
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Just the other day I happened to read Paul Graham's thoughts on this very matter. He refers to the PR industry as, "lurking like a huge, quiet submarine beneath the news", and suggests, "Of the stories you read in traditional media that aren't about politics, crimes, or disasters, more than half probably come from PR firms".

I hadn't been entirely unaware of this practice, but reading the newspaper the next morning brought the ugly reality into sharp relief - once the pattern is explicitly understood, a hefty chunk of the news is clearly staggeringly bogus PR padding.
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This station has no original content to contribute on this topic, so I'm just going to slip in something a PR firm sent me to fill up this space:

Man, that Smedleyman is insightful and funny!
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WTNH TV from New Haven CT is selling luxury downtown SoHo style condos in reclaimed remodled prime locations, starting at $525.000. The primetime news coverage at Five PM showed the high cielings and exposed brick. At six there were to be further details.
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and PBS gets its budget cut all the time right? There HAS to be state 'owned' news reportage...
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Smedleyman has been praised for his insight and humor. But is Smedleyman really as insightful and funny as you think?

The REAL story on Smedleyman. Could it HARM YOUR KIDS? Tonight at 11. Only on Metafilter, the news source you trust.
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Ok, back on topic.

I checked the links and hit my local television stations and started to prep the torches and pitchforks. What did I find:


Granted it's sleazy editing of the material but they did check the story out and go with the New England Journal of Medicine over a PR firm tripe.

Should I write a scathing thank you or a heart warming complaint?
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This was covered by Democracy Now, too. There's an intervew with FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein in there.

There are some pretty funny bits: Adelstein describes himself as pessimistic about this sort of thing, but is shocked by how much of it goes on. He would also be shocked if the stations publicly apologized for what he calls "outrageous behavior and the disgraceful journalism."

There's also a nice bit where he is asked about similar activites done by the government.
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write a thank you, cmfletcher--just checking the story out is rare nowadays, and using a respected authority instead of a corporation and their pr firms is even rarer.
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Psst. Sneaking in late in the thread to do a little viral marketing. Don't tell anyone, but smedleyman is the New Funny. Chill with the meme.
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Outrage at 11 : the infamous Smedleyman was caught fabricating phoney news with intent to publicize his own sexual escapaded for grotesque purposes. International journalist in agreement calling this "smedleymanism" or the practice of producing false sensational news about inexistant celebrities.

Government sources mildly reacted to news suggesting the Smedleyman has connection with liberal cabals.

Oprah Winfrey, nigro woman from the south, was unavaiable for comment.
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When did journalistic objectivity die?
When it got bundled into the entertainment budget. Another victim of short-term planning.
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Smedleyman Check Returned

MetaFilter bloviator languagehat today announced he had returned a check from Smedleyman, recently accused of "fabricating phoney news" and spreading accounts of his insight and wit via supposedly impartial internet sources. He announced that the check had been accepted by aides who had since been let go, and that he would never knowingly take money from cabal members.
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Is this "Smedleyman" something I would have to own a TV to know about?
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You don't need a tv to know Smedleyman, Smedleyman knows you !
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Dear Metafilter Letters:

I never thought this would happen to me, but last week smedleyman and I were in an elevator...
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Hey, that's all well and good, but what about this?
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write a thank you, cmfletcher--just checking the story out is rare nowadays, and using a respected authority instead of a corporation and their pr firms is even rarer.
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Man, we've really lowered the bar on expectations!
What is really sickening to me is that I agree with amberglow.

And now for astute commentary from Gop Suckass, an esteemed colleague of the Right Wing Wurlitzer "think tank" to tell all you what you need to think regarding the Smedleyman controversy.
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we have lowered them enormously, but we're stuck with shit for media.

getting rid of--or even proper identification of---GOP suckasses is just impossible...that's too much to even dream of, sadly.
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Behind The Smedleyman: Tonight on VH1
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Smedleyman outsources comments to Dubai. Not seen on metafilter for several days.
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