Mahler, subwoofers anyone?
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Symphony No. 2 in C Minor,"Resurrection"...Come with Uncle and hear all proper. Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited. google video
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The first twenty minutes is a wonderful introduction to Mahler and symphonic music.
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Happy Easter, hortense.
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The microphone preamp in the camera or audio mixer is distorting from the very first note. I share and appreciate your enthusiasm for the composer but Distortion+Symphony=Bad.
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I was recently listening to Michael Tilson Thomas's Second -- I've been especially impressed by the excellent Isabel Bayrakdarian's voice

the best recording EVAR111 of the Second is, of course, Klemperer's, with Kathleen Ferrier
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I dunno, matteo... Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra recorded the 2nd back in the 70s and it was just incredible. Of course, maybe I think so just because it's the one I grew up with. Don't remember the soloists, but I sure wish they'd rerelease that on CD...
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I'm waiting for Benjamin Zander to record the 2nd--I love, love, love his Mahler. matteo--how are you liking Tilson Thomas' version? I've stayed away from the cycle (though I've been there for several of the concerts they recorded) because MTT's Mahler has always been too transparent or light for my taste.

Zander's Mahler, though, I can't recommend highly enough--so great! What most conductors miss in these works, for me, is that Mahler, for the most part, did not write huge, epic music--even though it gets plenty loud, he typically uses a big orchestra, etc. etc. He actually wrote very intimate, delicate music, for the most part (that occasionally gets really loud), he just needed a big canvas upon which to do it.

(just finished conducting Songs of a Wayfarer for the first time last week, so I'm a little Mahler-happy.)
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My favorite music to rape teenage girls too.*

I’ve noticed lots of people have been getting into Mahler lately.

*note for the FBI: It’s a reference, read some Burgess.
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too transparent or light

right on. the Second and Ninth are not bad, though.
lhauser: the Philadelphia Sound! it's like the Lubitisch Touch for me -- Ormandy's one of the great ones, you're right
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real horrorshow.
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I was able to share this. And I thank you for that.
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Can't wait to listen to this through my Powerbook's half-inch speakers.

There once was a young man named Richard Strauss who was headed for a career in law or medicine or something. Then he heard Mahler's 2nd symphony and decided on the spot to become a composer.

Mahler's 2nd is my favorite music to listen to when I hike alone through the rain forest.

Last night I decided that the composer who effects me most deeply is Schubert (I was thinking of the late string quartets, and especially the string quintet). Today I met a man named Schubert. What are the odds?

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neuron: Right there with you on the Schubert, buddy, particularly the chamber music -- Death and the Maiden, and the Trout for mine.

Mahler 5 comes close to it, though, as does Shosta 10/11. Does anyone else get an actual physical response to music? I'm talking endorphins, in a massive surge. Doesn't happen often, but when it does...


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Here is another link (real audio) for those having sound problems,
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