Worst. Team theme song. Ever.
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Hide the kiddies, hide the wife. And this wasn't much better. Come to think of it, the Mets have always been associated with Major League cheese (although they did have one awesome song and video back during their 80's heyday). All right, gotta run. The Venga bus is coming...[warning: this post contains .ra files, embedded .mp3s, sucky music]
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#1 in the hood G
posted by poppo at 6:47 AM on April 19, 2006

let's see, themes of this post: music + mets

where the fuck is jonmc
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I was at the game on Monday night when the new song debuted. It's even worse in a stadium when you can't quite tell whether or not he just said that Jose Reyes will make sure you're not safe. I'd much rather hear "Meet the Mets", and that's not saying much. (Although I suppose we should all be glad the song doesn't name check Jorge Julio.)
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True, my beloved Mets can be cheesy. But there is cheese and there is cheese. And this year, rather than Velveeta, they are more like a fine gorgonzola: blue and ripe.

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What he said!
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Best Mets song ever.
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Let's see... and endless repetition of how great the Mets are, without any real substance. Yep, it's perfect for them ;).

Go Yanks!
(though I gotta say, the Mets look pretty good this year...)
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