"Who on Earth actually listens to what [Michael] Moore says?,"
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"Who on Earth actually listens to what [Michael] Moore says?," Nicholas Confessore asks in the current American Prospect. "You might as well blame the Republican Party for some nut's post on FreeRepublic.com."
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< chuckle> Your quoting out of context. This article is him complaining about a writer quoting out of context. If he ever writes about his opinion of Michael Moore let me know. I really like Moore myself, but I would be interested in a real opinion from Nicholas Confessore. He does a good job of deconstructing this other writer though.
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Even when Mr. Moore is right, the overbearing smugness he displays generated by his obvious air of moral superiority over everyone who disagrees with him, tends to obfuscate the point he's making. Al Franken seems to have the same problem.
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What's inaccurate about the context? Confessore thinks that Jacoby is wrong to consider Moore an influential liberal. Moore columns were linked a dozen times here during the election and forwarded around the Net frequently, so from my perspective he made an impact. (Though, admittedly, since he's a Nader supporter I am in favor of tossing him off a bridge.)
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I do, for one.I don't get the moral superiority thing, is seems that lots of people with common sense get accused of that these days. Remember friends, don't ever disagree with anyone, people might not like you for it.rcade, why do you want to throw me off a bridge (since I supported Nader)?
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As a Florida voter who believes he voted for Gore, I think that the defection of Democrats to Ralph Nader didn't accomplish anything significant other than Bush's election, so I advocate tossing Nader supporters off bridges, with the height of the bridge commensurate to the number of voters a supporter persuaded to vote for Nader.
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Assuming the bridge throwing will kill the Nader voters, doesn't that permanently skew things away from the Democrats. SINCE YOU HAVE SET UP A SLIDING SCALE, You don't advocate anything like a punch in the stomach for people who talked nice about Nader but voted Gore do you?
Owned votes as a concept is pretty sad.
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I don't know why there are all caps in there either. Pretend there is a "?" after Democrats too.
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It looks like the army of whiny liberal punditbots is on the attack. Run!
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Moore and Franken are satirists. Like Mark Twain, and H.L, Menken before them, they combine a sense of humor with a sense of outrage at whatever windmill they happen to be jousting toward. They're allowed to shoot from the hip a little more, because thier job is primarily to entertain. But that doesn't mean that they're not "dead-on" right sometimes. Just take 'em with a little salt. I wouldn't get my political information solely from Moore, any more than I'd get it solely from P.J. O'Rourke, or Hunter S. Thompson. (Both of whom I read faithfully, and disagree with often).

Are these guys biased? Of course they are. They're also funny, and interesting, and thought-provoking. That's about three more compliments than I can give your average political pundit.
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