Einstein & Fleischer DVD
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Einstein TOR DVD is a mostly animated feature film from the early 1920s, long thought to be lost, featuring animation from the incredible Max Fleischer (who is responsible for the seriously cool Superman animated cartoons). For $15, looks like a must-have for animation buffs and science geeks.
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In that this reads like an advertisement dbiedny, do you want to tell us how you became acquainted with this material.
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Buy NOW!
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I found it while scrolling down the blog page linked in the previous "Cartoon Network" post. I thought it would be of interest to MeFi readers, and I have absolutely NO connection with the the publisher or product outside of the fact that I just bought one myself.
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I looked through the MeFi guidelines before posting this, and there's nothing about not linking to a product page, as long as it's not MY product or something made/published by anyone connected to me.
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I thought all video related FFPs are required to have a youtube link.
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Fucking BUY NOW!
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stavroschicken, I need to point out that decaffeinated brands of coffee are often just as tasty and refreshing as the rocket fuel java you're currently guzzling.
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He's not guzzling, it's an IV drip!

Seriously, cool thing. As a science nut, I'm going to be getting one...
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Good point.

I apologize for fucking with your thread, but a purchasepage and a wikipedia link? That's just not optimal. Do better, happy fun mefite pal!
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I myself had not yet had my tea when I posted this, I felt that the fact that this VERY cool Fleischer animation work is finally available in any form was reason enough to be posted.
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Archive.org hosts several public domain Max Fleischer cartoons.
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I remember seeing the text of a letter to Fleishcer from Einstien congratulating him on the accuracy of this animation, and the importance of a lay man's explanation.
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Sexymofo, thanks for the YouTube link. The Minnie the Moocher cartoon was truly extraordiary.
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Bummer. I thought this was about Tor Johnson.

Shufflin' on.
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Since the cartoon is from 1920, it's in the public domain. Are there any free versions of it online?
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The Sexymofo youtube link to BANNED CARTOON BETTY BOOP IN "MINNIE THE MOOCHER" was amazing. But does anyone know anything about it being banned? It dodn't seem ban-worthy. What did I miss?
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Betty Boop's garter was banned in 1933.

.....hey , my stepfather DID teach me something!!
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