"Why do Mexicans call white people gringos?"
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¡Ask a Mexican! is a recurring feature in the Orange County (CA) Weekly (archives) in which columnist Gustavo Arellano tackles questions from pochos and gabachos alike, about politics, cultural differences, and stereotypes. What started as a one-off joke has become one of the alt weekly's more popular columns (LA Times), complete with crude, foul-mouthed, politically incorrect ruminations on the origins of "the dirty Sanchez" and random slaps at Guatemalans. Why do Mexican men always wear cowboy hats? Because "[w]earing a sombrero here screams "POR FAVOR DEPORT ME." Why won't Mexicans tip? Actually they tip better, and "leave a little extra for a job well done—which includes how caliente the chica is."
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Dear Mexican,
What is the deal with Mexicans and Tweety Bird? I don’t understand why Tweety is so appealing to Mexicans and shows up on their trucks, cars and tattoos. Was it because the Tasmanian Devil was taken by dumb rednecks?
Speedy González

Dear Pocho,
You’ve got the wrong cartoon character, Speedy—we prefer to decorate our automobiles with Calvin, of the legendary comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes,” pissing on something. Anything. A Ford decal. A Chevy decal. A Mexican soccer league team. A baseball team. The words “La Migra.” The letters “INS.” The American flag—kidding! But really, anything.

posted by donpedro at 6:47 PM on April 21, 2006

I think most non-Mexican Americans are rapidly moving well past any stereotype of Mexicans, except perhaps for the pure cartoon, which still exists for most ethnic groups.
posted by HTuttle at 8:06 PM on April 21, 2006

That's so awesome it almost makes me want to move back to Santa Ana. (in Orange County, home of the OC Weekly even.)

posted by loquacious at 8:32 PM on April 21, 2006

Does David Chapelle know?
posted by John Shaft at 9:02 PM on April 21, 2006

Skip Dave Chapelle. He's good doing his own thing. What I wanna know is, does Carlos Mencia know about this?
posted by suckerpunch at 11:22 PM on April 21, 2006

It's "Ask A Mexican," not "Ask a German/Honduran."
posted by jtron at 12:33 AM on April 22, 2006

Ay ay ay que dolor Rosita amor de la mi vida !
posted by elpapacito at 2:22 AM on April 22, 2006

I'm still hanging out for "Ask a Whitey". It will never happen, but damn am I hanging out for some answers.

(Coming from a stereotypical Whitey. Hey, I'm as clueless on some things as you)
posted by Serial Killer Slumber Party at 3:45 AM on April 22, 2006

Having delivered pizza for several years I have to agree that mexicans tip well. They don't if it's late or cold, though. Which is only fair.
posted by nyxxxx at 10:26 AM on April 22, 2006

I asked a question on the Green inspired by this post.
posted by Gnatcho at 6:16 AM on April 24, 2006

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