Songs About Comic Strips
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A few songs about comic strips. Here is Edward Meeker performing "Oh Min!" (mp3 link), a song about Sidney Smith's "The Gumps". Barney Google also had a song or two (mp3 links). Little Orphan Annie is probably the most famous (Real Audio), aside from Popeye.
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Most of these are from's amazing 78s collection.
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Songs of the Pogo. Ah, Pogo.
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That Toonpedia link on Barney Google (which I first read via the always-amusing Comics Curmudgeon) is filled with one insane thing after another:

1) That millions of Americans waited with baited breath to see the first race of a horse in a comic strip (then again, some of us were affected emotionally when a comic strip character was seen without a helmet)

2) That Hillbillies were such a force in American entertainment that the introduction of one into a sports comic strip would lead to the title character disappearing from the strip for 50 years

3) That the National Cartoonists Society, heartless bastards that they are, named their highest honor "The Billy DeBeck Award" after Barney Google's creator, who died of cancer at 52, only to change the name of the award to the Reuben a short 12 years later in 1954. Apparently twelve years was as long as Billy DeBeck needed to be remembered. What's even more baffling, according to Wikipedia, the Reuben Award is named for Rube Goldberg, who didn't die of cancer in 1954 (or apparently do anything else to merit this renaming, other than being wildly popular) AND who didn't even receive the award named after him until 1967!
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Don't forget Alley Oop, oop.... oop oop.
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And Ernie K-Doe's (the emperor of the universe) "Check Mr. Popeye," which ignited a dance craze across the southern united states.
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Hey, does an entire musical about a comic strip count?
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Oh yeah, I guess "Annie" would fit that bill too, huh.
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Pure Joy - "Calvin and Hobbes"
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Two of my favourite things -- comic strips and strange music. Great post; thanks!
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Let's not forget "Scenes From a Night's Dream" by Genesis from ...And Then There Were Three...(1978), which is about the early 20th century comic Little Nemo in Slumberland
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Nice post, interrobang. Thanks.
posted by luckypozzo at 8:19 PM on April 25, 2006

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