"Lab" and "life" together in one sentence?
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LabLit.com is about scientists, but not so much about science. In the most recent update is an interview with Daniel Glaser about his involvement behind the scenes of the BBC documentary Under Laboratory Conditions. Older articles on LabLit.com are about iPods in the lab, sex in the lab, basically anything besides science that still relates to lab life. "LabLit" is short for "lab literature", and the about page explains the connection between the two and the idea behind the site.
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...and as soon as I have a bit of time I want to submit something to them because this site is awesome. But time...too many projects, not enough time. Fortunately, the fact that I have nothing to do with this site at least allows me to post this to the blue!
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That's cool, labs are just as weird as any other place to work, and have just as many stories - but I'm not sure if everyone I've worked with in a lab is qualified to write a decent story or article about stuff like that. Thanks for the link.
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Anybody got a mirror?
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Great post.
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Heh - quality stuff! I (kind of) have fond memories of my days as a student in the lab... but then I remember the stifling heat, the fine manual dexterity needed, the clack-clack-clack of the shaking waterbaths, and - argh - the hangovers. Definitely quite a few hot chicks, though...
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Most labs are fuelled by their stereos. And threaded through the music tends to be banter – running commentary, wisecracks, the swapping of lab tips, a soundtrack of camaraderie that tempers repetitive tasks and so renders them bearable.

So true. And playing fun games like How Would You Kill a Terrorist Who Was Holding the Building Hostage Using Things Found in the Lab? I win this one: a blowgun made from a ten ml pipette using ammo constructed from a blue pipette tip with a 16 gauge syringe needle on the end, tipped with ricin.
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