A Valedictory Forbidding Antacids
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Vittles and verse - two great tastes that taste great together. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the poetry of cookery. As an appetizer, Chris Tusa serves up a tasty bowl of gumbo; next comes the entree, Mark Strand's comforting pot roast. Meanwhile, Shanna Compton imagines herself as the food itself -- eager ingredients in the skilled hands of Jacques Pepin. If you'd prefer to dine out, Charles Simic presents the menu of Cafe Paradiso, while Don Winter, a former night manager at a Niles, Michigan Burger Chef, proffers a more downmarket culinary experience. Bon appetit! (Poemhunter.com previously on MeFi here. )
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I really liked Don Winter's stuff.

Some nights his wife lifts
her ass onto the counter. She points
out turnover skins I missed.
Looks like she’s been slept in
for years. Those nights I time
his trip to the bank to chase
her with the white bottle.

great post, GrammarMoses, thanks.
posted by carsonb at 9:20 AM on April 26, 2006

Yes, the Burger Chef poems are my favorites, too. A nice compilation overall.
posted by solipse at 9:28 AM on April 26, 2006

You could store all of these poems in Thomas Lux's Refrigerator, 1957.
posted by hsoltz at 11:30 AM on April 26, 2006

Oh, that's a lovely one, hsoltz; thanks.
posted by GrammarMoses at 11:37 AM on April 26, 2006

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