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Flatulence free legumes or, a more to the point headline. Although I thought ABC news might be a bit more scientific in their phrasing. Nope.
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what fun is that?
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Taking the magic out of the magical fruit.
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Beans, beans, the fruit.
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...producing distinctive noises like someone blowing raspberries...

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If you've ever fellated a raspberry, you'll understand.
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The insoluble fiber in the beans is one of their main health benefits. How are these beans better for you, unless you are starving and need to extract every last bit of sustenance available from them, in which case you will not be able to afford these high tech beans?
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It's not like this would cost all that much more to produce. You'd just be making natto, essentially.
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You guys wouldn't have such a problem with this idea had you shared living space with my freshman roommate.
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Oh, and if you use the species of bacteria already used for natto, you'd be adding all sorts of health-promoting compounds. There's been some interesting work done on the subject.
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Fermented black beans? I'm pretty sure the Chinese already invented them. Probably a few hundred or more years ago.
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The nice thing about natto is that it stinks before you eat it.
You can clear a table of sensitive people with two natto handrolls.
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I'd forgotten about the Chinese black beans. Though I don't think I've ever had any that weren't also salted to the point of being more of a condiment than a main course.
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This is good news. No more "blaming the dog."
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When my graduate advisor was a student he did an internship at Ralston-Purina. He invented a manufacturing process that made dogfood less fart-inducing. It was an enzyme that pre-digested a polysaccharide in corn that dogs can't digest. He used to get a quartely royalty check for like $100. He used to call it his "dog fart check".
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Please note ...

ABC Online News is not the same as ABC News (Online). At all, really.
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After spending a lot of time in Japan, I'm still not entirely convinced that eating natto isn't just a big practical joke played on all the foreigners. Like behind closed doors they're laughing at us, saying, "I got this American dude to eat rotting soybeans! I told him it was a traditional dish! Can you believe that shit?"
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A bit of epazote goes a long way to reducing fartulence, and it tastes good as well.
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I picture a future where people watch the timeless classic Blazing Saddles... and they don't get the campfire scene.

I cry a little.
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Whenever my grandmother gets all farty from beans, she says, "I guess they didn't de-gas those beans!"

My grandmother, the prophet.
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epazote: "Skunkweed, Wormseed, Mexican tea, West Indian goosefoot, Jerusalem parsley, Hedge mustard, Sweet pigweed"

Quite a resume.

This post reminds of the time in a Mexican restaurant when I observed a couple who were obviously on a first date, seemingly from the personals, and the gentleman reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a small bottle of Beeno and sets it on the table between their plates. I suppose to the right person that would be considered a thoughtful gesture. Thankfully I don't know such a person.
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I've been doing this for years - native cultures have been doing it for thousands of years. There are tons of things like this we have "unlearned" about food, that we need to re-learn from traditional cultures. See Weston A Price for more tips and info.
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Check out this suoer rated blog:

Trouble, mister.
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Looks like my Beano stock certificates are now only good for one thing, and Le Petomane is out of a job. I tell you, this stinkin' economy is in the toilet.
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The Indians have long known what you need for those fetid winds.
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Prostyle wrote: What?

Blowing raspberries — the classic way.
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Sounds like all you need to do is stir a dollop of active-culture yogurt into your beans and soak them for a couple of days. I'll have to give this a try.

I know my evil-ex, who was from India, used to insist on soaking beans for several days before cooking. I always thought that was overkill. Now I think she may have been doing it in self-defense.
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I get mostly flatulence free beans by soaking for around 24 hours, changing the water once. They're even more digestible if I sprout them by draining after the soak and rinsing them twice a day. It's not perfect, there is gas, but it's far from the gutwrenching pain unsoaked lima beans cause.

The author of that article didn't do his research. The reduced fiber in the fermented beans has nothing to do with decreasing gas. It's the indigestible sugars. Your intestines can't break these sugars down, so bacteria in your large intestines eats them up, producing gas.

I think I've read another article about these same researchers some time before, where it mentioned that they ground up the beans before fermentation. Not so useful for the home cook. Does soy milk make you fart?
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