CSS Love Song
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Hands to Boag A love song about web standards with lyrics like, "Tonight I need your CSS, coding in the darkness. From now on no more tables nest; you will meet web standards"...
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At first I thought that was kind of a weird song to use, but it's actually a remake by the original guy who was in Breathe.

Tommy Tutone (867-5309) ended up in IT too, as we found out on that "Hit Me Baby One More Time" show. They should bring that one back.
posted by First Post at 9:12 PM on April 26, 2006

Oh, never mind. That dude just does the podcast; a listener made the remake and sent it to him. Okey dokey.

Next up: a ditty about PHP set to "Mary's Prayer" by Danny Wilson.
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Hit Me Baby One More Time and whatever the other band reunion show massaged the truth an awful lot in the case of one 80s two-hit wonder.

Note: I love Information Society to a stupid degree.
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