Tiananmen Square transcripts revealed
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Tiananmen Square transcripts revealed this confirms what you already knew; but it shows the process by which they came to it.
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Now China is trying the Big Lie approach, and suggesting that the transcripts are fabricated.

On interesting thing about these for me is that they show how Deng was one of the chief villains in the whole affair. At the time, the US press had a lot invested in Deng's image as a reformer and crypto-democrat, and went to great lengths to show Li Peng as the bad guy, with Deng sort of offstage. In fact, Deng was as ruthless as Li, if not more. Future hagiographers take note.

An interesting side note I heard on NPR this morning is that most rural Chinese have never heard of the Tienanmen Square incident. I remember at the time that uprisings were taking place in several other cities, too. I'm not sure whether this indicates the isolation of rural from urban China or the effectiveness of the Chinese repression of dissent or both.
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