No ship that small has a cloaking device!
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Science imitates Star Trek, again. Physicists Nicolae Nicorovici and Graeme Milton have published a paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences outlining a theoretical means for constructing a cloaking device. A superlens constructed from a metamaterial with a negative refractive index could be used to create a resonance that cancelled the light coming off of a (very small) object, rendering it invisible.
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Considering that metamaterials at optical wavelengths are a brand spanking new area in research, I would consider these 'cloacking devices' to be on sale at about the same time as those "transportors" people were all shouting about a few years ago.
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Metamaterial for Metafilter
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Let's just make sure we don't sign anything stupid -- like "the United States will not use cloaking devices except maybe in the Gamma Quadrant" -- that we'll regret in a later spin-off when our enemies have evolved into considerably more fearsome adversaries.
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It could work, but only if we can figure out how to get the Bussard collector to generate anti-tachyons.
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This FPP sounds like it was written by Mike Okuda.
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No need for name calling here.

After looking up who Mike Okuda is, I agree.
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Not the bussard collector.. The phase shift discriminator. Just to ensure that the speck of dust does not get implanted in some refrigerator somewhere.
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Metamaterials point Cerenkov radiation the other way?

...fuck, that’s got some potential
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it seems like something giving a similar effect wouldn't be that hard---fooling the eye is easy.
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Seems like I read a post here a while ago about a shirt that basically had a bunch of tiny cameras on the back, and a bunch of tiny screens on the front, so it's like you're looking through the person wearing it. Same difference. Or maybe even better.
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Imperial press release.
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