Very detailed illustrations of Brazilian flora
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Flora Brasiliensis [flash needed] was published between 1840 and 1906. It contains taxonomic treatments of 22,767 species of Brazilian flora. The beauty of the illustrations and the level of detail you can magnify to is magnificent (sorry, direct linking to example images is not possible but trust me, go and have a look).
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omygawd i love this. i love you for spreading this. thank you.
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that looks great, though my portuguese isn't really up to it.
In a similar vein, John Gould illustrated Ausralian birlds and mammals in the 1830s with an exquisite touch.
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Yeah, the text is no use to me either wilful. I just go Volume>Part>Plates *sigh* resize the window (in Safari).
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Fantastic thanks. The magic word for me is 'prancha' - puts a thumbnail strip in the side of the flash screen.
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That's wonderful! Thank you very much.

There's a link to English text for the site, though that doesn't help with text in the illustrations themselves...
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oy vey! That's some high res stuff! wow. Thanks for putting this out there. I just wish there was a way to have this stuff on dvd or something, just to peruse. I guess this is just as good, but still.
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tellurian, marvelous FPP! Oh, what wonderful detailed images! Oooh, I love the landscapes especially. I found on the pages with paragraphs of writing that if I right click there is a "Translate Page into English" option.
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These are beautiful, and while my lack of Portugese does get in the way, the detail and everything is amazing. This is actually a Flash interface that doesn't suck.

Thanks a lot for the post!
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gorgeous. thank you, tellurian.
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