Super Columbine Massacre RPG
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Super Columbine Massacre RPG! A computer role playing game based on the Columbine massacre and the event leading up to it in which the player plays the part of the killers. Think it's in poor taste? A Columbine survivor paralyzed from the chest down disagrees.
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(apologies, windows only game).
more commentary from watercoolergames and Patrick Dugan.
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the 1up blog post mentioned in the Patrick Dugan one.
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Didn't some isometric 2D artist do renditions of the JFK assassination or something similar? This was years ago, and I don't remember enough details to successfully google it.

The screenshots of this game sort of remind me of that.
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Isometric screenshots of famous historical events

Furious brings it up, I supply the link. We make a good team.
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And look, a relevant picture from Mr. Encyclopedia's link.
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I could have sworn there was a metafilter post on this when the game first came out.
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Is the purpose of the game to illustrate the challenge the duo faced getting down the fucking hall without getting busted? because I can't seem to figure that one out.
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Furious brings it up, I supply the link. We make a good team.
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How appropriate.
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While reserving judgement on how appropriate a game based on this event may or may not be, I applaud the post; especially the inclusion of Richard Castaldo's point of view on the game, which I found most interesting reading. Thanks for the links.
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Damnit, i want to have outrage, i want to slam this post, i want to describe the great detail the pits of hell you will all suffer in for even looking at these links, but what i really want to do play the game myself (because it does sound like the coolness.)

But i am Mac bound.

/goes back to playing Postal

/realizes that i'm a bad person.
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When do I get to play the 9/11 flight simulator? I would totally be making a statement or something.
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This is a fascinating game. Thanks for the link. See also: Mark Ames ( on Columbine's Most Wanted
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btw if the in-game font looks garbled, there's a suggestion on how to fix that here.
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dgaicun, I think enough psychprofiles on suicide bombers exist that such a game would be pointless.

Besides, you haven't done this in Flight Simulator? Anytime I found myself playing that game I'd end up ramming a building out of sheer boredom.
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update: rocky mountain news has a Q & A with the creator
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