Cajun Music MP3s
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Cajun Music MP3s, featuring music from the 1920s to 1970s.
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...and completely unrelated: 56 versions of Stairway to Heaven, courtesy WFMU.
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Thanks for that, cher.
posted by Pacheco at 10:39 PM on May 6, 2006

yes ..this is gonna be fun. Sh*t I'll never get ousdie this summer and keep atrophy-ing
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thanks. you can tell how it degrades towards the current day like R&B, Blues & Country.
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Many thanks!
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This is awesome! Thank you LarryC!
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Wow, wow! Merci beaucoup!!!!
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I found this about a year ago. The live session recordings of Dennis McGee & Sady Courville are some of the best fiddle music you will ever hear in your puny mortal lifetimes. When these two cajun fiddlers first recorded together in 1927 they were already considered nostalgic holdouts of an archaic music style. McGee was about 80 when these sessions were recorded - he kept playing until he was over 95.

Until now it was really difficult to get some of these recordings. A real rarity is the recording of Douglas Bellard & Kirby Riley "Les Flammes d'Enfer" in the 1920s section. Bellard is suspected of having poisoned the legendary Creole accordionist Amede Ardoin in the 1930s.
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Super, thanks.
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...and completely unrelated: 56 versions of Stairway to Heaven

Wow, how rare is it that you get a genuine example of going from the sublime to the ridiculous?
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Brilliant, bookmarked, thank you!
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Awesome, Larry, thanks.
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Aieeeeee! Cher.

I'm shakin' my Toot-toot!
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Wooooo ... tout que'que chose est magnifique!
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Nice. Makes me want gumbo.
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