Goodbye, Go-Between
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Grant McLennan, of the Australian group The Go-Betweens, has died in his sleep at the age of 48. I just discovered this wonderful band, through the pop masterpiece 16 Lovers Lane. If you haven't discovered them, many mp3 blogs are paying tribute. (Some discussion in this Metatalk thread, but I thought this needed an FPP.)
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This is very sad, but he left a lot of really wonderful music to remember him by. Rest in peace, dear sir.
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Discovered them quite late, but so did most Americans.

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This is awful - The Go-Betweens were great and had gotten back together and were still putting out great music!!

He did leave a lot of songs and a great legacy with the GBs and solo.

48 - I am forty eight. Way too young to die.



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Love all his music like an old friend. This truly sucks. I heard yesterday and had a hard time finishing out the day at work. RIP, Grant.

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The Go Betweens, and Grant McLennan are truly fabulous. I loved "16 Lovers Lane" when it came out and I still love it now. RIP Grant.
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Great find. I just downloaded some from iTunes. Sad.
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This is the proverbial kick in the gut.

The Go-Betweens were a huge part of my formative years. Spring Hill Fair is one of the most compassionate and beautiful records I own (whenever I hear Bachelor Kisses I'm instantly transported to a very specific time and place) including Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express, Before Hollywood and Tallulah. I finally got to see them play live (at Maxwell's Hoboken and at The Fez club) in 1999 or 2000 when they reformed and have a record company poster I took from the Fez show still proudly hanging in my living room. While all their records weren't perfect there was alway at least one or two songs penned by McLennan that broke your heart in the best way (Right Here, The House that Jack Kerouac Built, The Clarke Sisters, Streets of Your town, Cattle and Cane, Man O Sand to Girl O Sea). He was an uncompromisingly intelligent man with high standards for what a song could and should do (i.e., change your life). The band has never for a second bought into the bullshit music industry crap but nevertheless they were able to get their music out there and that's something that deserves some real props. Grant and the Go Betweens were to me the epitomy of the brillant obscure gem of a band.

Here's a funny and illuminating interview with Nick Cave.

Grant, rest in piece brother, your songs live on.

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This absolutely broke my heart when I heard the news this morning.

I saw The Go-Betweens do "their Everly Brothers routine" as Robert Forster called it (Bob and Grant solo acoustic) at the 400 Bar In Minneapolis very shortly after their reunion in '99. To this day I consider it one of the best shows I've ever seen, if not the best. What struck me, in addition to the duo's very apparent friendship and effortless musicality, was how remarkably earnest and unpretentious McLennan was. After an enthusiastic reception from the crowd, he seemed actually humbled. I will never forget him saying, as if America was finally getting their stuff after all those years, "Thank you for listening to our music."

For my money, In Your Bright Ray is really his solo record of choice. It positively glows.
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shocking. he seemed perfectly healthy during last year's tour. what a fine musician.
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He will be missed. Saw them in Glasgow last year (a year ago to the week) and thought they were immense.

One of the few bands whose later stuff stands up to comparison with their first few albums.

Oceans Apart (their most recent album) is fantastic.
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RIP. Go-Betweens are one of the best, unfairly underrated bands out there.
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Steve Kilbey of The Church, who worked with McLennan in Jack Frost, has a blog. He's pretty cut up, and reminisces about Grant in his three latest posts. His poetic, lowercase, memories of their difficult collaboration are sad and moving and beautiful.
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The Go Betweens were part of the soundtrack to "my eighties". Criminally underated. I always seemed to prefer Grant's songs to Robert's so this is especially sad to me.
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Sad, but somehow fitting way for him to go.
There was a three month period a while ago when I fell asleep every evening to the sounds of "Friends of Rachel Worth". Something about that album always made me think of a stranger going gently into the good night.
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The very best.
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