Undercover Surrealism
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George Bataille's Documents—a short-lived but influential journal conceived as a 'war machine against received ideas'—has inspired an exhibition, Undercover Surrealism (Flash with sound).
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More Bataille links can be gleaned from this 2004 post.
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The Story of the Eye is not only one of my favourite books, it's one of the most uniquely crazy things I have ever read. His book "Erotism" was also quite interesting. Definetly a unique character.
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Thanks for this - the last link has some entries from the Critical Dictionary which are very interesting. And I would second the suggestion of "Erotism", an excellent place to begin if you've never read Bataille. There's some examples of his writing available here, including "The Story of the Eye". Sure wish I could get over to London & see this exhibit myself!
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This is cool, I wish I were going to be in London.

My favorite Bataille story is about how he took Walter Benjamin's manuscripts for The Arcades Project and hid them in plain site on the shelves of the National Library in Paris all through WWII.
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Story of the Eye was required reading for me in college. Of all the books i have read, i have never had such a visual experience while reading.

And if only Battaille had actually edited and compiled Benjamin's manuscripts instead of merely keeping them...i spent the better part of 2004-2005 trying desperately to read the Arcades Project!
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Very, very cool jack_mo. Thanks. I'm always looking to expand my range and this is right on target for some discussions I've been having with friends lately.
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Oh yeah and I can't leave without pointing this out... from the link stinkycheese gave:

"...his best writings are intellectual tours de force that are to philosophy what fisting is to a virgin anus."
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