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RobotFilter: Korea Unveils World's Second Android (YouTube), China manufactures personal robot, Japan's domestic robot, Why the Japanese want their robots to act more like humans. Robot runs over water, robotic tentacle (mpeg), 'baby' robot learns like a human (avi 1,2), Pill-sized intenstinal robot, speedy robot, spider robots. Lego Unveils NXT Robotics Toolset, Lego robot plays Super Mario Bros, Connect Four, solves Rubik's Cube. Building an army of robots, Big Dog, (wmv), Robots break Asimov’s first law. [more inside]
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woops, meant to link to the source of the Asimov Link
posted by MetaMonkey at 7:12 PM on May 11, 2006

that's-a spicy meatball. I mean robot. Wish I had a video of that mario-playing legobot.
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 8:21 PM on May 11, 2006

I wonder what they're talking about in that YouTube link. I'm thinking they're making plans for a drink later.
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The Lego Mario player is cool, as is the Japanese home-robot for ~14k USD. Can't wait to see what develops in the next few years. I keep thinking about Moore's Law and Singularity/ies.

I imagine the day that a home-bot really does kill its owner, and looking at the other link, the Army wants true killing machines, not humans with fallibilities and frailties.

DARPA has a Self-healing Minefield which is pretty cool, in concept if not in practice. They're like tiny little suicidal robots, sad-otter bomblets.

I remember watching VHS tapes of Survival Research Laboratories years ago, and thinking "Wow. The future is going to be so cool". I guess it's coming, but it can't come fast enough.
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Robots don't care about constitutions or laws, making them ideal for controlling domestic population. This is important to despotic governments still trying to maintain appearances of propriety (I suppose some try a little).

The tentacle is awesome to me, as I had thought for years this might in fact be more versatile and easier to develop than a human-like hand.

IMO the notion that robots should rebel against their creators is absurd. There is no reason I can see why they would compete with humans as they don't require biospheres to function. Much as I am blown away at the quality of the new version of Battlestar Galactica, the premiss bothers me.
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Robot Tenticles?!

Foolish grad students? Have they never seen a sci-fi movie?!
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Lego robot plays Super Mario Bros

Oh good; machines to play our machines for us.
('Take that, King Koopa!')
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That first YouTube link isn't Korean; it's Japanese (it even says Osaka University at the end).

Still: amazing.
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OK, but does anyone think that robots and humans will ever be able to live together in peace?
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Related: This is your brain on a microchip, regarding cognitive computing, which is either just around the corner or not in our lifetime. Nonetheless, a company is releasing an open-source toolkit this year or next that "will let developers create applications for computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning."
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effwerd, do you know any more about that toolkit? The company, or a link or summit?

Also, as the link about spiritual robots was unexplained above, I feel compelled to point out that it is a very thought-provoking video/transcript of a conference on the future of technology (leaning toward robots/ai). Featuring Doug Hofstadter, Frank Drake, John Holland, Bill Joy, Kevin Kelly, John Koza, Ray Kurzweil, Ralph Merkle and Hans Moravec. I'm tempted to give it its own FPP.
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No, MetaMonkey. I just saw the news story this morning. Here's their website though.
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Thanks effwerd, I'll be keeping my eyes open for more info.
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