Martians, robots & flying cities
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FRANK R. PAUL: At a time when most Americans didn't even have a telephone, he was painting space stations, robots and aliens from other planets... he was the guest of honor at the first world science fiction convention, and he was the first person to ever make a living drawing spaceships. What could be cooler than that? via the one and only BLDBLOG, with an interesting take on the subject.
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That is just some great stuff, thank you. Some great mayhem in this one. And what the hell is going on here?
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Marxchivist, from the link: "Macey has been working on recovering ancestral memory, which he accomplishes by first putting a subject into hypnosis, then encasing both subject and himself in thought helmets with viewing screens that show memory content."
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And what the hell is going on here?

Scroll down for explanation. (They're "recovering ancestral memory.") Also from that page:

Bleiler also comments: "Near the end of the story [editor Hugo] Gernsback offered $50 in prizes for the best letters explaining the single great fallacy in the story. The response was heavy."

Great post! (I have to put in a plug for my man Emsh, as long as we're on the subject of sf illustration.)
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This is good, I like the Infinite Brain (I can hear the B-Movie voiceover - 'Flee in terror from his infinite intellect!') and there's a nice section on Martian design.
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i like how they called it "scientifiction" on the covers.
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Excellent, cheers
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"Scientifiction" was Gernsback's first try at a name for the genre before "Science Fiction" caught on. Does anyone remember that some writers tried to rename it "Speculative Fiction" in the seventies? I think that they were embarrassed of the "BEM" stigma of science fiction.
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and they say bondage tenticle rape by robot was a japanese invention!
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Wait a minute! Frank Paul, future robots--Paul Frank, retro monkeys. I get it now.

I think the caption for the "bondage tenticle rape by robot" image should be, "It's not what you think dear, he's just a good friend!"
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The artist who launched 100,000 careers. And that's probably a whopping understatement.
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Excellent link. I love the "Scientifiction" logo in the corner of some of them, too. What a great word!
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The colors and design form are timeless. Though some of them remind me we should sue George Lucas.

Great post. He is one of my favs.
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I may be mistaken, but I believe this image is the one credited in Men Of Tomorrow as the visual inspiration for Superman.
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I think that's where I saw it, grabbingsand. I just read that book while doing some Superman research. (He beat the Nazis, you know.)

Wonderful link, signal. What an interesting career the guy had. Oddly enough (speaking of influence), some of these remind me of cereal boxes.
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That Superman link was fascinating, lelilo. What bizarrely off-model coloring.
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I just found a couple of those issues on eBay. They'll be framed within a week!
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Though what the hell is going on in this Frank Paul cover, I have no idea.
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Holy cats! These are awesome! A new hero!
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As someone who makes a goodly part of his living drawing spaceships, I must tip my hat to Mr. Paul and say, "Thanks, buddy!"

I love all this stuff too. The Gernsback Continuum is a place where I like to live. :)
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