TPD to NFL: Sure, we'll arrest your quarterback for getting a lapdance.
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TPD to NFL: Sure, we'll arrest your quarterback for getting a lapdance. Oh, do I wanna see them be dumb enough to try this.
posted by baylink (5 comments total)
Wait a goddamn second: they outlawed lap dancing??? I knew Florida was reactionary, but THIS...
posted by solistrato at 1:58 PM on January 9, 2001

Yep. That's my home state, there, folks. Chock full o' provincial, bible thumpin' nimrods. I'm so proud.
posted by Optamystic at 2:32 PM on January 9, 2001

Er . . . what am I missing? Why is it surprising that Florida would try to pull this? It's clearly not a one-sidedly bastion of liberal-ness, as recent events have shown. Heck, here in Seattle--home of the great unshaven WTO protest et al--you can't even have a beer in a strip joint. No booze of any kind is allowed in the places. Heck, I acted in a show here that played in a bar where the owner was nervous because one of the characters was a giant 6-foot-tall singing penis. (Yeah, I know . . . listen, it was funny and a huge hit . . . look never mind.)

Anyway, I guess I don't understand how this is shocking. Stupid and reactionary, as solistrato says, sure, but I can't say I'm blown away by the news.

posted by Skot at 2:38 PM on January 9, 2001

Just another reason Florida should cut loose or given back to the Spanish...hehehe
posted by Bag Man at 5:11 PM on January 9, 2001

Skot: it was just another nail into my palm. Another reason for me to loathe the state I grew up in.

And oh so typical of its local politics.
posted by solistrato at 7:35 AM on January 10, 2001

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