Gaki No Tsukai
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"...this clip of a Japanese show called Gaki No Tsukai stands out not for what it includes, but for what it lacks - talking and screaming. It takes place in a studio made up like a library, with the participants (including Kickboxing champion Ernesto Hoost) stifling their laughter, screams of pain and retching noises, just like any student did in their own junior high school library." [youtube video, text shamelessly lifted from wfmu]
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dayam.. this is so freakin' weird.. but i lol'd!
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I didn't buy that it was a real library but that was still pretty fuckin' funny. If the video spreads well, I see kids everywhere doing this in the school library.

I woulda died over that wasabi one. *shivers*
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Ah, ガキの使い... This show doesn't always take place in a library, though. The point is that all of the participants (each of whom is either a comedian, a tarento, or a special guest) have to keep from laughing while one of them does some kind of weird skit. If they laugh they have to pay a penalty, oftentimes money. A recent episode was set at a Japanese ryokan, and they took turns leaving the room and peering down from a hole in the ceiling with weird hair, makeup, expressions, etc.

Basically a "how long can you stand it" variety show. Its full name is ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!, or "Downtown no gaki no tsukai ya arahende!!" "Downtown" is the name of a famous manzai comedian duo.

Here's another clip from the same show. And another. And one in English.
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That was great!
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Funny, but not laugh out loud funny.
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I don't think I've laughed that wildly in a long time. The poor guy's face when, after the third instance of getting the wrong card, is confronted with the repeated slaps of that machine...priceless.
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My guts are aching from laughing so hard.

The best part was that I really felt like a part of the show, with my spouse sleeping on the couch nearby.
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I snapped muscles and tendons laughing. Reminds me of being dead bored in school and having fits of laughter only because I shouldn't.
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god that was hysterical. the library element was amazing.
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awesome... really awesome
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It's like Jackass as a game show!

It's now my mission to bring this to America.
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That was really amazing, esp. the tender biting of the old man. Wow.
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That was hilarious.
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That tender biting old man will haunt my dreams; sure, I laughed my ass off, but a part of me was just as terrified as the bitee looked.
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the slapping machine is priceless...reminds me of a cartoon when I was young where a dog spins a wheel and whatever it lands on the cat has to do the dirty deed or pay a penalty....I laughed my arse off- today too.
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This is the funniest goddamn thing I've seen all week. The slapping machine just about made me lose it.
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Hahhaahha good one good one.
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I had to stop eating my fish-and-chips lunch when tender biting old man did his thing...
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[ this is good ]
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I've watched this several times now - and I'm laughing even more each time I watch it with others. Great find!
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Oh gosh those Japanese are SO crazy!
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The human species is soooo strange.
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Three thumbs up.
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Bob Sapp
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