Collecting Mania
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Beer Caps. With 12,568 scans available to peruse, Uncle Corkie is the winner in my books. Franco Ferretti may have the largest collection of bottle caps but it's not online. Collecting, a postmodern pastime?
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posted by Chuckles at 11:18 PM on May 20, 2006

As great as this collection is, I think only 96 from Australia is pretty piss-poor. I could probably find 96 scattered on my floor.
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Serial Killer Slumber Party: Isn't there an australian beer named "Piss Poor"?
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Oops, my bad, it's not "piss poor" but Piss Weak.
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How can an article which is at least fifty percent dominated by the role of collecting in the Victorian era refer to the impulse as being 'postmodern'?

Ah. I see that the author is an English professor. Hence the gratuitous quotes from Baudrillard and Benjamin. That explains it all.
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Well spazzm, while Piss and Piss Weak seem to be taken, I think you might be onto something with 'Piss Poor'.

The beer for the Aussie battler! We'll make millions!
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Bert was my first heads-up to existence of the hobby of bottle cap collecting.
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Don't forget the Aussies also had Duff beer...

...that lasted not-very-long after certain lawyers for certain large corporations caught wind!
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That's amazing. Though I looked at one, and he had a "Breckenridge Brewery" cap in the spot for Birmingham Brewery. That kind of stuff could drive a person nuts.
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I like New Glarus' bottlecaps (only available in Wisconsin). It's the state of Wisconsin with a fingerprint pattern. It works well for their "Drink indigenous" campaign. It was voted best small brewery in America, so if you ever get the chance, visit.
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I've started my own quest/collection.

I am going to drink as many different beers as I can in 2006 and put pictures up on flickr. Of course it opposed by my desire to lose some weight at the same time.
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