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Cheapovegas! Including tips and reports: Vegas on 19$ a Day, Porn Convention, Free Crap, Best Swimming (or how to sneak into it), and the new Hooter's Casino, to name just a few. Let Casino Boy show you the way to medium-risk, non-family fun!
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There is a topless sunbathing area where the ladies can let it all hang out and the guys can pretend not to stare. It is secluded and costs extra for guys, though...

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Just got back from Vegas. While I didn't stop by, a few of my friends visited the new Hooter's Casino. Their report back to me: filthy, and very few good looking ladies.
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Thank you very much.
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I tried to use this site when I went last year, but Mr Cobalt would have none of that 'let's plan our trip' business.

On the Hard Rock:"It rocks about as hard as Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute." Oh so true. (It's also about as dim as a room full of pan flute music would be.)
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damn, now i wanna go again. Ever since the 'view of the sphinx's ass' trip of 2003, i've been pining for the fjords strip.
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As a Vegas resident, I have yet to find a more accurate and comprehensive list of concerts and shows than this. Once you know what you want, finding discounts for specific events is much easier.
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He's right, though. United Colors of Ass was one hot movie.
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I just can't believe the ticket prices on that Las Vegas Tickets site. They just seem... Completely terrible. $250 for David Spade? $850 for Madonna? How can that even be possible? Is Vegas really that badly priced?

I see that these tickets are from "licensed brokers" does that actually mean "ticket scalpers"?

I do love stories about revolting Vegas hotdogs though, so enjoyed the '$19/day Vegas' story.
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Ticket brokers are scalpers.

But even so, Vegas entertainment nowadays is very high priced. They figure they can charge Broadway prices, so that's $75-100 to start with. And floor Madonna tickets have a $350 ticket face value. (Yes, seriously.)
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