Econ 101 videos
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Econ 101. A collection of links to videos about economics for those who want to learn more about the dismal science.
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Also, The Daily Show on why it's called the Dismal science.
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Economist jokes
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Before I click, which Schools of Economic Thought are these instructional videos based on? It'd be nice to see somebody finding a balance between Milton Friedman and John Kenneth Galbraith, but most Economic Education going back to my college days in the '70s seems to carry tons of ideological baggage - and in most cases I've seen, it's ideological baggage that Professional Hypocrite David Horowitz would approve of.
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I'd love to see a link to "Chickenomics," the economics video starring the San Diego Chicken that we watched in jr. high.
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Surely nothing can possibly compare to this one.
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srboisvert, Thanks for the post. You brainiacs may well call economics a dismal science because you can understand it! I would love to have a real Economics101 lesson and wrap my synaptically challenged capacity around the subject. I really look forward to studying that site.
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From the link: "Who is that girl? She's hot!" "Oh, that's the queen of Jordan."
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Being an old student in economy I feel compelled to throw even more shit and some light on our group

An "economist" is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Nope, that's an accountant. Here's an easy example: you have a glassful of drinkable water , how valuable is it in the desert, on much in the north of south poles ?

a) more in desert
b) less in the poles
c) the poles are a kind of a desert, so more or less the same
d) something is valuable only if there's somebody doing the evaluation
e) d) + therefore the value of something is relative to the evaluator and the context

If you answered e) you are almost an economist. That doesn't iimply anybody will give a shit and give you a job.
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Thanks elpapacito!
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