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Photos by Richard Seaman. The macro nature ones are my favorite. Check out beetles, spiders, and moths.
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Sorry, it's just not doing it for me.
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Why do people think that just because a photographer has a website they need to post it here? Most of them suck, as does this. Just because it's photography doesn't make it magical and beautiful, and it certainly isn't fpp-worthy.
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You know? What if there are entire planets somewhere out there where moths and spiders have evolved to the level that humans are at now? And what if there are little teeny-tiny humans running around on those planets, being eaten or squashed, or maybe even grossing-out little girl spiders on family spider picnics? What if, when we're bad, we are reincarnated as little people on big spider planets? Could happen.
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certainly isn't fpp-worthy

Take a look at this spider: I've studied spiders for almost 7 years now and I have never encountered/read of/heard of a spider that has a translucent abdomen. Thats fantastic right there.
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The pictures scream "textbook" to me. Not exactly amazing.

I could make a joke about the fact that his name is "Dick" Seaman, but that'd be immature. So I won't.
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Forget the ingrate, digitally-punchy haters, there's some excellent material in there...as dhruva said. Thanks danb.
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fuck that
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Why are photos of close-up things called "macro"? Macro means big, and the pictures are of small things. Bigger then you would see with a 'micro'-scope but still.

Anyway, here are some macro pictures I took.

This is one of my favorites:
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Does anyone know what's going on with the color ballance in pictures like this and this?

There seems to be a warmness, and a dulling of the greens. I don't know, makes me think of 1970s national geographics for some reason.
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puke & complain "Why do people think..."? Why don't you tell me when you arrive at an answer?

Some of these are rather pretty, others intriguing I don't like the scary ones so much.
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Because you take them with a "macro" lens which makes things big?
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Boring shots, almost all of which are poorly composed and lit.
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random question though. were the three sisters of this shot that delmoi pointed out featured in the helicopter shot that ended the movie Sirens? I know I've seen them before, and that scene seems to come to mind.

also, dhruva - does that spider really have a translucent abdomen, or could it be that there's something wrong with it? it looks like the translucent part has kind of erupted from within the abdomen, which looks damaged.
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This guy's images are beautiful.
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delmoi writes "Why are photos of close-up things called 'macro'? Macro means big, and the pictures are of small things. Bigger then you would see with a "micro"-scope but still. "

Macro in photo terms implies a 1:1 or greater than life size picture.
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image bank anyone?
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These photographs are absolutely mesmerising - to say these photographs are on a par with ansel adams is to do them a disservice - these photographs make ansel adams look like a pinhole camera enthusiast in the midst of an epileptic fit - yes , they simply are that good - i actually experienced a healing in my left knee whilst viewing these pictures.

Photography is finally the supreme artform.
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ab3: The guy claims that there were eggs. (scroll down on this page) I say claims, because I'm honestly puzzled by that spider. It's from the genus Argyrodes which is one of the more bizarre groups of spiders by any yardstick, but this one is truly bizarre.
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re: the color balance question – I think he pushed the warmth. . . like took an outside pictures with his color temperature balanced for an indoor picture.
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