Eco World Challenge
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The World Challenge aims to find individuals or groups from around the world who have shown enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level. It could be you or someone you know. ( via bbc)
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Oh Yay Shell. My project would be to bring Ken Saro-wiwa back from the dead.
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Everyone I know is lazy and useless. Including me.
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Everyone I know is lazy and useless. Except for the ghost of Ken Saro-wiwa.
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I had an email from Ken last week, wanted a little financial lubrication, which could profit us both, so I doubt the man is dead, he seemed healthy and eager to me. Ken and I like marketing and PR as much a single living person can, my enthusiasm sometimes causes an eye to pop out, or embarrassingly large erections to occur at random. So I ask: why is this corporate PR campaign here?
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What gets me about this sort of PR is the underlying assumption that today's major problems have "grassroots" or "local" solutions, even though the causes of the problems are global and high-level.
These sort of campaigns are just feel-good gestures which will most definitely not solve any of the world's outstanding problems, many of which were actually created by Shell et al.
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