In Recognition Of His Contributions To The Art Of Fingerpicking
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Tommy Emmanuel, CGP. Master of fingerstyle guitar. Captain of covers. Alpha and Omega of originals. After watching these videos, you'll have few questions as to why recording and touring partner Chet Atkins bestowed upon Tommy the title "Certified Guitar Player." (pdf)
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Oh, for fuck's sake.
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This meme ends here.
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If you're after a guitarist who plays contrapuntal standards, I much prefer this guy:
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Don't you know you have to be blind to fingerpick?
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I actually got see to see him open for Del McCoury at a local Bluegrass festival. He just played solo - just playing guitar on some songs and singing others. Emmanuel's playing is something to witness live - the man's hands are fast and strong - both on the fretboard and over the sound hole. His choice of material was so-so, but he was totally captivating to watch play.
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I've seen him a couple times myself, and it's really a sight to behold. So much sound from one guitar.
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Listening to this stuff make me feel like i'm in an IHOP. Try this instead:
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Fantastic Music. Thanks!
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Enjoyed this very much.
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He is an exceptional guitarist. He did this thing where he played two tunes at the same time. Sure, both were nursery rhymes, but still. He kept on playing and playing, and I had to leave before I fell down. I would have to concur that his choice of music is not necessarily the best though.
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Got to meet the man just last week. He was in Dublin for the opening of the Dublin Guitar Festival, for which a friend of mine is on the committee. Absolutely amazing gig, was sat right up front and my eyes were transfixed to the fretboard the whole set. His technique is exquisite! Nicest guy you could possibly meet too! Great post!
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He's good, but definitely not as interesting as this guy
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Yea, for fuck's sake already, nice thread. Man, the post was cool, but the comments with links are awesome! I'm gonna totally wreck my teeth tonight trying the tea-spoon thing. Damn you j.p.!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah, more lesser knowns who wipe the floor with our average 'pop-rocker'.

This is where you should invest your music listening time and energy.

FUCK the superstars!
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Jeepers, Mance Lipscomb.

I haven't listened to him since retiring my obscure 8-track blues collection to the attic.

(I wonder if they still play?)
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