Outing rotten men
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Off2Hunt : So you're the victim of a philanderer, who pretends to be a US Marshall. Whaddye do? Start a web site to out the guy, and get him arrested for impersonating a federal officer. (And create a Myspace page, while you're at it!)
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(after RTFA) I ask: Is really that hard to get a date in America?
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posted by Cranberry at 2:34 PM on June 1, 2006

Anyone willing to date someone who writes like this gets no sympathy from me.

good reply....i love you ....and i want you to have it all.....im not asking you too tell me anything ....but i do want things for US....just drop everything?? i think that is unfair...to xxx(name edited to protect innocent) ??no to my kids yes ....i would do alot ...for you ...and me .....if you love me then lets talk if not .....then you will have what you want .....i want the whole package too...i really enjoy you ...you make my day....i do want to come to terms with you ..real ones ...we have been thru some very fucked uped things lol......and for me .....to still be here ..or ANY man that says enough lol...think about it ...i love you ..if youll have me say so...if not ....then you have it your way ..im going to sleep ...love you always .Rick

Way to pick 'em, ladies.
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It must...be exhausting...typing so many periods...for all those ellipses.
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Crazy ass woman. Wild hair. Bathrobe.

A little floundering should not be this difficult.

As the joke goes, easiest thing to get, hardest thing to get rid off!

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boy, if i called the us marshals every single time i had sex with a cop impersonator...well, it wouldn't be pretty....

...i would jump in with my usual 'but we have no way of knowing if this story is actually true or just a made-up revenge fantasy' but these poor women do more to out themselves as rather desperate and pathetic, so it is likely true...

...though it is some comfort to know that the next time some poor soul lets his/her dog poop on the neighborhood sidewalk without cleaning it up, i can ruin them by outing them online as a serial rapist and/or crossdresser, and people will totally believe me, because it's online...
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This reminds me of the character in True Lies played by Bill Paxton who pretends to be a CIA agent.

On a side note, I want to start a website that exposes the dumb women who will fall for anything a man says just because they need attention. Instead of off2hunt.com it can be called 2dumb2date.com - any vc's wanna invest?
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Rick: "show me your best clam spots..."

He aims to please.
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What's scary are the sheer numbers of copycats of "don't date him girl" on the left side.
Wow. I bet those people are so proud of themselves.

This guy was a moron for trying to pass himself off as a fed, though.
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On a side note, I want to start a website that exposes the dumb women who will fall for anything a man says just because they need attention.

I did not RTFA, but as someone who was seriously duped by a woman who led a double life (fooling many people till she was caught by CSIS (Canadian FBI)), I'll have to say you haven't a clue what you're talking about.
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He pleaded not guilty to possessing a counterfeit U.S. Marshals Service badge and was released on $5,000 bail.

If he misses his next court date, who are they gonna send to hnt for him?
posted by lalochezia at 4:00 PM on June 1, 2006

Is really that hard to get a date in America?

Or spell "Marshal"?
posted by staggernation at 4:04 PM on June 1, 2006

Pameeeeee got burnt. What a moron. But good for her I suppose.
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I am a single woman and I really MUST
find the man in the video below.
I MUST become his wife!!
Make sure he knows:

oh, pameeeeeee!

Now maybe Rick will stop what he has been doing for years!!! MENTAL RAPE - that's what it is............................................
posted by troybob at 4:34 PM on June 1, 2006

Ah yes, deploying the word "RAPE" to spice up otherwise boring situations.
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US Marshal, lame. Aussie philanderer/conman leads the way: airline pilot, gynaecologist, magazine photographer, journalist, American millionaire, CIA agent, Mike Nesmith - guitarist in '60s band The Monkees, doctor and Olympic official. He was in court today after being arrested across the road from one of Sydney's biggest police stations, where he had been living with a woman who says she is pregnant to him.
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This marshal wannabe was criminal, a con and seemed to sadistically enjoy being a liar. I feel sorry for his wife, who's still defending him as he's arrested. It's right the other woman he lied to outed him for being rotten. One less creep out there getting away with bs. There's a lot of internet justice happening these days, around the world, either gender. People aren't tolerating skeevy, pathologically deceitful, conniving, abusive, jerks any more. I say right on sistuh!
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