Seamless pictures
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Seamless images. Two distinct images in one transitioning without a definite border. [via MoFi]
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I much prefer the second artist's style.
posted by smackfu at 8:09 AM on June 2, 2006

You just blew my mind.
posted by parallax7d at 8:13 AM on June 2, 2006

The Yerka pictures are from a book he did with Harlan Ellison called Mind Fields. Ellison wrote a page-long short story to go along with each painting. One is about a tree that allows only black people to teleport, upturning the global class system. His favorite story is about a man who turns into a monster at night and sleeps in the woods, but has a phone (?) so he can call his wife.
posted by kensanway at 8:15 AM on June 2, 2006

Oh, excellent.
posted by Wolfdog at 8:19 AM on June 2, 2006

I was relieved to find out that it's not photographs just spliced together. Love the lizard-car thingy one.
posted by cleverusername at 8:27 AM on June 2, 2006

Escher 2.0
posted by Meatbomb at 8:28 AM on June 2, 2006

I thought I'd seen those images in an Ellison book before...

Neat stuff. Impressive in a techincal, clever sense rather than an artistic one though. It's all rather MC Escher dorm room poster in style.
posted by aladfar at 8:28 AM on June 2, 2006

Marvelous. But some remind of those vaguely worded pharmaceutical ads lavished on the pages of glossy mags that imply "If life feels like this you should take this".

Not that I'd fill such a prescription. I want to live in these pictures.
posted by hal9k at 8:31 AM on June 2, 2006

The Clockmouse Momma is the best.
posted by Meatbomb at 8:36 AM on June 2, 2006

What's the name of that artist who creates images of really exaggerted scale. For example, a castle on a cliff, but the castle, assumed to quite large (as castles go) is dwarfed by the surronding landscape... like a massive canyon or somthing of the sort. I see prints of his work in some of those "poster" shops you see in malls.
posted by Witty at 8:40 AM on June 2, 2006

This one is familiar.
posted by Armitage Shanks at 8:42 AM on June 2, 2006

preview Witty, preview for cryin' out loud...
posted by Witty at 8:44 AM on June 2, 2006

The map is not the territory.
posted by OmieWise at 8:45 AM on June 2, 2006

Very cool. Thanks for posting this.
posted by Sandor Clegane at 9:41 AM on June 2, 2006

Armitage, I own that Masters of Deception book you linked to and it is a damn fine coffee table book.

This peculiar type of artistry takes an internal vision that I could never understand; I can barely make impossible triangles.
posted by Optimus Chyme at 9:51 AM on June 2, 2006

I hate fantasy art and I hate faux-surrealism and I hate cute...but I can't help but love these!
posted by kozad at 10:13 AM on June 2, 2006

beautiful. thank you.
posted by jann at 10:25 AM on June 2, 2006

Also worth revisiting is Yerka's website.

Lotsa cool stuff there.
posted by 1f2frfbf at 10:29 AM on June 2, 2006

I want to live in one of those canyon-city places. Thanks, Mitheral, this kind of art is one of my favourites; it brings back strong memories of being a little kid, for some reason.

Reminds me of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, too.
posted by WidgetAlley at 10:49 AM on June 2, 2006

Kudos! to you Mitheral for posting this. I haven't, although I have had it in mind to post some similar type of thing some time. But I just couldn't. It just seems so twee. I like it for the fun/puzzle/escher stuff but at the same time I feel it's very unsophisticated. I had similar prints to this hanging on my walls in the seventies. It was definitely sort of cool then, it is it cool now?
posted by tellurian at 10:51 AM on June 2, 2006

This peculiar type of artistry takes an internal vision that I could never understand...

Eventually a heightened state of consciousness emerged in which I was no longer aware of physical internal reality or my body in any conventional sense. I felt and saw my interconnectedness with all beings and things in a vast and brilliant Universal Mind Lattice. Every being and thing in the universe was a toroidal fountain and drain of self-illuminating love energy, a cellular internal node or jewel in a internal network that linked omnidirectionally without end. All duality of self and other was overcome in this internal infinite dimension of spiritual light. I felt I had been there before, or perhaps in some way was always there. This was the state beyond birth and death, beyond internal time, our true nature, which seemed more real than any physical surrounding and more real even than my physical body.

posted by prostyle at 11:39 AM on June 2, 2006

Wonderful. Thanks for posting this!
posted by jam_pony at 12:59 PM on June 2, 2006

Great way to paint your bathroom floor.
posted by Wet Spot at 3:34 PM on June 2, 2006

reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle.
posted by subaruwrx at 5:19 PM on June 2, 2006

Interesting. I like the second page of stuff better as well. Something about them offends my taste, though. I think they're too harmless.
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 8:45 PM on June 2, 2006

Wet Spot writes "Great way to paint your bathroom floor."

Could you imagine crashing at a friends place and staggering into that bathroom in the middle of the night? Yikes!
posted by Mitheral at 8:18 AM on June 3, 2006

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