Apparently, partying in the park is a really good idea
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I guess there is a lesson here for us all. From Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, OhNoRobot, and RSSPECT fame comes a new project, based on one of his comics: the amazing Regret Index.
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OhNoRobot previously discussed here.
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Uh, here.
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I want to be Ryan North when I grow up. A couple of hours of comic-writing in the morning, and then he just codes cool free projects in his free time. Very cool guy.
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Amusement: 100%
Work Productivity: 0%

Just so you know, my boss hates you now.
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Heh. You forgot Whispered Apologies.
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I love dinosaur comics but I don't like this too many of the potential regrets are so specific I don't think I know anyone that's done them. Takes some of the fun out of it.
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I sure did, panacea. Sorry!

In the interest of completeness, here's his computational linguistics paper on light verb constructions. (Co-authored.)
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