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The New York office was opened by the founders of the Firm in 1908, the same year women competed in the modern Olympics for the first time. While the Firm moved its headquarters to Los Angeles in 1972, the New York office remains a critical branch of the Firm today, paying tribute to the firm's deeply rooted traditions by undervaluing support staff, requiring formal business attire, and excluding Jews.
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So it's like The Onion, only for lawyers?
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What the shit?

That place confuses me. There can be only one response. DESTROY. My monkey hindbrain demands it.
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Clever ad for the book.
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"Clever ad for the book."
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So - are you just incredibly clever - or was that luck?
(Brilliant catch!)
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I am guessing these people are affiliated with the advertisers over at HuhCorp.

"We have really smart people who are always thinking up totally cool shit. We have a meeting room with a big, round, expensive table. When you hire us for marketing and consulting projects, we spend lots of time sitting around the table having meetings."
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So - are you just incredibly clever - or was that luck?
(Brilliant catch!)

so - are you just incredibly distracted - or are you blind?
(see the rightmost navbar link on the site)

posted by quonsar at 7:34 AM on June 3, 2006 Unrelated and probably better.
posted by tomharpel at 7:38 AM on June 3, 2006, not unrelated at all. Looks like the long-running Anonymous Lawyer weblog has spawned a book and a viral marketing campaign.
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Unrelated and probably better.

More online content, that's for sure -- and it depends what you mean by 'better', but it's kind of rare that I come across a blog that's more satisfying than a book.

Blogs tend to be more open-ended, more provisional and have less effort put into them. Whereas the gatekeeper role that publishers play tends to filter out a lot of the crap that might end up in a blog.

I know it's not very fashionable, but what can I say? Give me a real book, anyday.
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There's a small firm in Colorado that has (had?) somewhat the same aesthetic, except I think it was for real. In fact, I found out about it from a Metafilter thread. Googling turns up some crumbs for Powers Phillips, but the main web site is down and most of the caches don't respond. (Maybe it's my connection?)

An excerpt:
Powers Phillips, P.C., is a small law firm located in downtown Denver, Colorado within convenient walking distance of over fifty bars and a couple of doughnut shops. Powers Phillips also maintains a small satellite office-in-exile on the cow-covered hillsides near Carbondale, Colorado, where it puts out to pasture some of its aging attorneys.
The firm is composed of lawyers from the two major strains of the legal profession, those who litigate and those who wouldn't be caught dead in a courtroom.
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The Future is Dallas.
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Each summer, we are proud to select a Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year. The selected attorney is celebrated at a banquet in his or her honor. The prize is two weeks of severance pay.

Savage but brilliant.
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"so - are you just incredibly distracted - or are you blind?
(see the rightmost navbar link on the site)"
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Well, at least I wasn't the only distracted, blind person here.
But, yeah - embarrassing.
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someone forgot the adfilter tag
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So this book, it vibrates?
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Anonymous Lawyer was the blog started by Harvard Law School student Jeremy Blachman (who simultaneously had his own non-pseudonymous blog) while he was still a student. Once he was unmasked (with some fanfare) as author of Anonymous Lawyer, he decided to ditch the law, take the book deal and run.

(I love the the picture of corporate yoga on the book site.)
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Blachman's current blog is here.
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Here is a review of the Anonymous Lawyer book by someone who actually knows something about law firms. He's not impressed.
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Associates who divorce their spouses see an immediate boost in productivity, salary, mental health, and the chances of being assigned to do the kinds of intellectually stimulating legal work that brought them to the firm in the first place. These benefits are tripled in cases where the associate chooses to forego visitation with his or her children.
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