How do you keep your violin from getting stolen? Put it in a viola case.
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Experience the intoxicating sounds of the Rozanna's Sweet Thunder. Be sure to watch the video clip.
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Crap. First link should have been this.
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Just a couple of days after two successive aesthetic dust-ups about the supposed merits of a few electric guitarists, I hate to get embroiled in another one, even though most of us agree that matters of taste cannot be settled by internet bickering.

But I can't help it. My comment: just look at the fantasy art CD cover featuring the violist in question and you'll have a pretty good idea of what you're in for if you choose to click on the audio/video links.

Nothing against intoxicating viola music, though. Just don't get me started on the banjo.
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Crap. I was just going to thank you for not linking to the flash/audio front splash page.
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The video link plays, but the 'music' links are broken. The video sounds like just another try at 'Riverdance' music.
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That's just sad.
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Is the headline of this post some familiar joke that's tossed around in conservatories or something?
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digaman: I've never set foot in a conservatory and I know viola jokes.

How can you tell when the stage is level?
The violist drools out of both sides of his mouth.
viols, too.
What's the difference between a trampoline and a viola?
You take off your shoes to jump on a trampoline.

What's the difference between a viola and an onion?
No one cries when you cut up a viola.

That said, I like violas. And da gambas too.
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A movement of a Rochberg work I hadn't heard before! Right on.
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What's the difference between a viola and a coffin?
With a coffin, the dead guy's on the inside.
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What is perfect pitch?
Throwing a viola in the toilet without touching the rim.
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OK, that was just gross. ICK!
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thanks for sharing this utter crap with us.
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Lengthy list of viola jokes.

A violist came home and found his house burned to the ground. When he asked what happened, the police told him "Well, apparently the conductor came to your house, and ..."

The violist's eyes lit up and he interrupted excitedly, "The conductor? Came to my house?"
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Seriously, though. Someone actually thought this was good? Mundane. That's what I would call it. Oh, and bad. Mundane and bad. And annoying.

Sorry to be so snappy, but I have come to rely on Mefi to vet the internets to bring me yummy stuff and this is the antithesis of that.

If it was to be made fun of, it isn't even bad enough to do that.

Ok, I'll go have a cookie now.
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Astoundingly long list of viola jokes. A lot of them are identical to vocalist jokes, banjo jokes, drummer jokes etc.

But it's kinda weird, because the viola is a beautiful instrument. (If you don't know what a viola is, it's just like a violin but not as, fact, for this reason, a viola is arguably better sounding than a violin...if you've ever heard a beginner practice violin, you'll know what I mean.)

I suppose the premise for these jokes is that the level of musicianship necessary for getting into an orchestra as a violist is lower than that of of a violinist.

I still think the banjo is a better butt of jokes, but maybe that's because I lived with a world champion banjo player for a few weeks and he practiced several hours a day. (By the way, would you call him a banjoist? I call myself a pianist and a piano player on alternate days, but, then, I don't play classical music, in which case I would always be a pianist. Did you hear the one about the genie and the 12-inch...oh, never mind.)
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Kozad, as a violist who had to briefly play violin, I can tell you that a violin is *much* easier to play. The viola is too small for the size of its strings, so each string takes a different technique.

But, we'll never get any respect. That's ok. We know we are the secret soul of the symphony .
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