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The Phaeno is a science playground for kids. The architecture by Zaha Hadid is simply stunning. More here.
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This is the first I've been exposed to her work and stunning it is indeed. And what a great place to take the kids. The look of wonderment on their faces is priceless. Thanks for the post. And here's a "flythrough" of it (QT).
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Lovely, thanks namagomi!
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Gorgeous - thanks for the post, namagomi. I would like to see even more shots from the interior - looks like an intriguing building to walk through.
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And to think that the Welsh turned down her award winning design for the Cardiff Opera House. "Cardiff politicians were wary of highbrow architecture being “imposed” on a Welsh city by London"
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Dubai Properties, a member of Dubai Holding, today declared UK-based firm, Zaha Hadid Architects, as the winners of a competition to design three iconic towers at Business Bay, one of the region's most ambitious real estate projects to date. June 3.

Business Bay

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This is awesome. Thank you, namagomi.
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Gorgeous. But the first thing that keeps springing to mind is "Where's my skateboard!?".
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