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Was in Eastern WA this weekend, attending the graduation of my nephew from a high school in Kennewick. He reminded me about nearby Richland High School, and their somewhat unique "mascot", so thought I might do some looking around. For those with true School Spirit, pick up some swag. I'm getting earrings for my wife! --Yikes-O-Rama--
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Fixed Swag
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wtf just happened here?
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They have an atomic bomb as their mascot ?
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Oh, cool
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woa is it GYOB day?
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If you don't understand why this is, here's a hint.
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I dare you to wear this to the airport.
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Oh yeah, the Bombers ... you think that's bad, ever hear of the Yuma Criminals?
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i ate a bee
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High school mascots.
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this one is grate
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Well, they could have been called the "Holocausts"
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I want to see the comedy that would result from putting this one in a carry-on bag.
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Me likey.
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I grew up in Kennewick. The region is pretty fascinating -- probably the most interesting thing is how politically charged it is, with the Hanford nuclear facility and the battles over the Columbia River.

I remember kids with "nuke 'em till they glow" tshirts at football games -- and this was in the mid-90s.

OT: Quirkiest school mascot I've ever seen: The Freeport, Illinois Pretzels. Just kills with the cute, doesn't it?
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A few local businesses follow the same theme. There's The Atomic Laundry, Atomic Grocery and Atomic Ale Brewpub. Some of the streets have some good names, Proton Lane, Einstein Ave... Q Street. Wikipedia on Richland, WA.
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Bombs are made with love for Tom's fellow Bombers.

Trollers '07 4 Evar!
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Lemme guess — those fans in the stands are doing the ShockWave™, right?
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So at their games do they have a guy in a "skin mostly burned off, blackened holes for eye sockets" costume pepping up the crowd with a little "screaming and thrashing away your last few tortured seconds of life" dance?
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This is the best FFP ever!
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Probably about as often as Minnesota Vikings games include women raped until their pelvis is broken in several places, men butchered like hogs, and piles of dead and broken children. Or as often as Pittsburgh Pirates or Tampa Bay Buccaneers involve the same. And so on.
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I'm thinking Richland's mascot would have to be Slim Pickens as Major Kong riding the bomb like a bucking bronco in "Dr. Strangelove", wouldn't you? YEEE-HAW!!!
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portabella mushroom cloud
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My football team is called the Sharks. Can you imagine that? They eat people! The Sharks!
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Actually, there mascot used to be a guy dressed up in a big foam mushroom cloud (like in their logo). You could see his face, and he'd get up and lead cheers and that sort of thing.

Not sure if it's still that way.
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Richland's mascot is a Bomber i think as a result of the Hanford Nuclear plant. Coming from Walla Walla (about an hour away), my high school played Richland... it's really not a weird mascot if you're from the area.
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The Richland High School mascot was briefly satirized in the Douglas Coupland novel "Shampoo Planet."
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remember this?
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Almost as offensive as the Lemont Injuns.
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A dead Quaker, don't you mean Portobello mushroom cloud?
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That's awesome, shmegegge!

The Butte Pirates!!!
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Now, I could see me getting some of that Pirate swag. Sooo appropriate.
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Still my favorite (and I really do love it) is the Idaho Vandals. I'm sure there's a good reason behind it, but it's hard for me to imagine that meeting...
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I was proud to be a Bomber...a Ramey Bomber, that is, from Ramey High School on Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico, home of the 72nd Bombardment Wing, Strategic Air Command (motto: "Peace is Our Profession!"). The mushroom cloud was already ubiquitous on insignia and signage all over the place, so our team mascot was an eagle ready to drop a nuke from its talons! That swag is as long gone now as the cold war.
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ahem...the insignia referenced above.
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The whole town lives off of the nuclear industry. They have no sense of humor for jokes about being irradiated. They want the high level nuclear waste dump. There is a little field just outside of town in the desert that always blooms bright green - that is where they dumped radioactive water on the ground half a century ago and now they irrigate to prevent too much radioactive dust blowing - it is a thing of beauty to see as you fly into town. Life there is like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Go bombers.
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Q: What is best in High School sports?
A: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their cheerleaders!
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