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Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation The University of Oxford's Griffith Institute has put together a fantastic digital collection of records documenting Howard Carter's excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun, including ninety-three pages of photographs taken by Harry Burton during the excavation. You can also read Carter's diaries and eyewitness accounts of the excavation.
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Very cool. Thank you for sharing!
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Just because not many people know it, David Macaulay's Motel of the Mysteries is a cute parody of the Tutankhamun excavation. It was originally released during the 1970s King Tut mania.
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what a great post!
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Wow... thank you so much for this post.
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This is awesome, thank you for sharing!!
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Two donkeys.

A good find of a good find.
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All this gushing is a load of crap-- my King Tut FPP from last month kicks this FPP's ass.
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ibmcginty: You've no idea how many people I conveyed that story to. You have really no idea.

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This is way awesome, thanks.
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This is very cool and what makes the internet amazing. Thank you.

I was really into this when I was a boy. After seeing a Pharaoh exhibit at some museum coupled with the release of Indiana Jones, I remember that I was certain that archeology is what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be Howard Carter. Of course, that passion died the same death of so many other boyhood passions, but reading this brings back that boyhood joy and intrigue.

So thanks on multiple levels.
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Two donkeys.

I really loved that part of the diaries for some reason. Yeah, some days you're excavating the tomb of a famous Egyptian King but most days it's just you and two damn donkeys.
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