We are not lovin' it all that much, actually
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When McDonald's Interactive recently gave a presentation at the International Serious Games 2006 conference, they made a startling announcement: "we can no longer stand by while McDonald's corporate policies help lead the planet to ruin. [...] So our team has decided to break away from McDonald's and do something about it." (more inside)
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The story has been spreading through gaming blogs, of which Water Cooler Games has the most thorough synopsis. Reading through their updates, one may find evidence linking mcdonaldsinteractive.com to rtmark.com, a culture-jamming group similar to the Yes Men (some of rtmark's previous work discussed here).
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Oh, and here's a good post on Serious Games. I must say that this rtmark stunt fits pretty well into that category.
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"Ethical consumerism" or other market-based approaches will not help.

Well, no shit. I'll be the first to say that the customer is a self-serving cheapskate and always wrong.

Give them the choice between an ethical, possibly sustainable product and a disposable one created by slave labor for a buck less and they will always choose the cheaper product.
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Well, shit. That's a fucking great story.
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Any chance this is just a faux-split engineered by McDonald's? They'd have to change their name pretty quickly otherwise, I think--and can't the company simply fire the executives of the division?
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you know, that filled me with all sorts of hope and warm-heartedness. that it was an elaborate prank completely shattered me. on one hand, I'm ecstatic that some organization took the time and energy to pull this off, and "stick it to the man" in whatever way they are capable. on the other hand, for a second i honestly felt like there might be some hope for change, and now i just feel hopeless.
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Yeah, too bad things like this don't happen in real life.
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the market will save us, i $#!t you not.

when cleaning up is cheaper than polluting, when we begin to value clean, natural, and reusable, businesses will begin to compete for it.

the problem has never been business. the problem has always been the nature of human beings... greed. the market is just an expression of it, businesses just a slave to it.

and when people get greedy for democracy and clean air... trust me, they'll get it. even if they have to execute the entire french ruling class, and then the executioners... they will get it.
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Yeah, the idea that McDonald's employees were busy playing an extrordinarily complex version of SimEarth as some sort of market research project pretty much gave it away there. Gotta love McChe, though.
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There's just something wrong about that McGandhi (I can't believe I just typed that) picture...
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It used to be that when you Mc-ified something, you were making it Scottish - like, McGhandi would be Ghandi in a kilt. Those thievin' bawbags have chored our birthright. Can we sue?

I too thought it was a genuine story at first. Such a shame it's not - I share your sense of loss, shmegge.
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If this were real, it would be totally awesome. As is, it's just driving me further into my already firmly entrenched apathy.

Wake me up when it's time for the revolution.
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methinks you've been had.

Oh by the way rtmark and the Yes Men are run by the same people, those devilish bastards.
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Yeah, I got this spam in my Inbox. Twice. A couple weeks ago.
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Haha, that was just a joke. Awsome.

I was a little worried I would have to start liking McDonald's or something. The simple fact of the matter is that eat at McDonald's is a simbol of being a uniquely american kind of slob.
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Man, rtmark is still around?

I thought I was special linking to them off my webpage back in 98 or so.

Good on them.
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I called Bullshit as soon as I read that a subsidiary "broke away" how would a wholely owned subsidiary just "break away"?
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Obvious hoax. And very boring.
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