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The bats and frogs and Montane voles,
The squirrels, bugs and garden moles,
The creepers, flyers and the swimmers,
All hope that they will be the winners.
When we are gone, through choice or fate
'Twill be a cause to celebrate.
Will old return or new arrive,
When Gaia once again can thrive?
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Reponses in rhyme or haiku would be appropriate for a Friday...
posted by missbossy at 2:50 AM on June 9, 2006

pretty bossy of you.
posted by quonsar at 4:03 AM on June 9, 2006

If we make sure we're the last species,
Then kill ourselves, all will be feces.
posted by pracowity at 4:46 AM on June 9, 2006 [1 favorite]

i see no reason why we should fight
over speculative coprolite
if, in fact, we should have to go
at least our legacy will stay and glow
posted by pyramid termite at 6:41 AM on June 9, 2006

Too many linked words,
It's Friday so I'm lazy;
Is it lunchtime yet?
posted by Ynoxas at 7:31 AM on June 9, 2006

Species come, and species go
Nothing lasts forever
It's just the way things are, my dear
'cause nature's not too clever

And why the split, the "us" and "them"?
We are nature too
But yes, you're right, we suck at life
Is this what makes you blue?

The sun will wane, the oceans freeze
The moon will disappear
And nothing will be left alive
This, I'm sure, is clear
posted by sluglicker at 7:42 AM on June 9, 2006

Can someone click all this and let me know what it all means?
posted by Outlawyr at 8:10 AM on June 9, 2006

it's not as hard as you've assumed
the basic point is - we're all doomed
posted by pyramid termite at 8:15 AM on June 9, 2006

Cheer up my friends of fabled blue,
The world is fucked, it may be true,
But oil profits are yet soaring,
This gloomy talk is awfully boring.

So turn that scowl upon its head,
For just the other day I read,
On rightwing blogs, upright and true,
It's lefty noise, it's nothing new.
posted by slatternus at 8:34 AM on June 9, 2006

Will old return or new arrive,
When Gaia once again can thrive?
Not very likely, Planeteer,
The Captain is no longer here.
posted by pracowity at 8:39 AM on June 9, 2006

rhyme makes this more depressing.
posted by unknowncommand at 9:31 AM on June 9, 2006

From the first link: "Bats make up 20% of mammals, yet their evolutionary history is poorly known."

I hate vagueness in journalism; is it 20% of all mammalian species, individuals or biomass? Each possibility is radically different.
posted by Citizen Premier at 9:51 AM on June 9, 2006

K, I have to ask--is this really evolution, or just adaptation? I mean, we're not seeing any increase in biodiversity here, in fact we're seeing the opposite. In other words, the world is getting less healthy and as biodiversity decreases we'll find that the number of extinctions per year goes up.

Unless of course, our pollutions act as mutagens and actually help to increase biodiversity, or unless of course I'm full of shit and don't know what I'm talking about. The best opinion you can have about ecosystems is that they're confusing.
posted by Citizen Premier at 10:02 AM on June 9, 2006

I can hope in all sincerity
We're headed for the Singularity.
posted by wanderingmind at 10:02 AM on June 9, 2006

There's hope this battle may be won,
And that we may yet live a while.
But when, at last, our time is done,
Let's try to go out with some style.
posted by moss at 10:50 AM on June 9, 2006

Each individual mammal is actually 20% bat. In the case of bats themselves, this may be considered a surprising fact.
posted by Wolfdog at 11:04 AM on June 9, 2006 [1 favorite]

i exchanged emails with mr knight
a long time ago - convinced he's right
he insists that all of us have to go
for the animals would all like it so

not even visions of leaving for space
could dissuade him from the end of our race
we would only mess up those asteroids-
to the cosmos, we're just nasty hemorrhoids

unfortunately, i neglected to save
the conversation. he didn't rave
or talk like a loon as he went on
he's just convinced that we should be gone
posted by pyramid termite at 11:06 AM on June 9, 2006

Bats can't write poetry.
posted by Ynoxas at 12:38 PM on June 9, 2006

self-pity dates back to papyrus
and drags us down like a virus
enjoy life if you want a chance
realize nature and join the dance
posted by foraneagle2 at 7:07 PM on June 9, 2006

flora and fauna
disappearing by degrees
a quiet new dawn
posted by nickyskye at 7:39 PM on June 9, 2006

Humanity i love you because you
are perpetually putting the secret of
life in your pants and forgetting
it's there and sitting down

on it
and because you are
forever making poems in the lap
of death Humanity

i hate you
posted by overanxious ducksqueezer at 12:46 AM on June 10, 2006

Sorry if I asked a question rather than writing poetry.

posted by Citizen Premier at 5:15 PM on June 10, 2006

That was supposed to be a small-sized "jerks," not a full on insult. Darn preview lied to me.
posted by Citizen Premier at 5:16 PM on June 10, 2006

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