beer in history
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The always interesting sidenote of beer in ancient history
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That was then . . . this is now. Really cruel of you to post about beer on a Friday, when I still have 23 minutes of work left.

Countdown: 17 days until my bottle-conditioned Porter will be ready to sample.
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nice!! you a fellow homebrewer!! RDWHAHB. I am setting up a keggorator to run three cornies but I have a nut brown/SB on tap right now. I get off in 71 minutes :-)
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Relax, have a homebrew.
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I love reading about stuff like that...
I have a theory that early ship exploration was limited only by the amount of alcohol they could carry for the crew.

1st Mate: "Wer' out of Grog captain!"
Captain: "Argg, $%&@ the new world. Set sail for home!"
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There the Romans found a separate—and to them, barbaric—culture of people, whose social life seemed to be centered on beer.
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I've been studying that period of history lately, just for the fuck of it, and this is the first I've heard about beer then. Beer is good.

My name is stavros, and I approve of this post.
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